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Dear Short Answers:
My girlfriend and I rented an apartment together and put both of our names on the lease. We’ve recently split up and she wants me to move out.  But the apartment is a terrific deal and it doesn’t bother me if we live in the same place since it’s got two bedrooms.  If it bothers her, then she should move out.  She thinks it’s easier for a man to find a new apartment than a woman. (I have no idea why she believes this.) Should I go or should I stay?
Dan the Man

Dear Dan:
Flip a coin. Loser moves.

Organ Recital

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Dear Short Answers:
A lot of my friends seem to be getting to that age when their health starts failing. Which means that talking about every little problem is the main topic of conversation.  I’ve stopped asking “how are you?” because that simply starts a long list of aches and pains.  How do I communicate that I DON’T CARE!!! without seeming rude?
Still Healthy

Dear Healthy:
Tell your friends THEIR health makes you nervous. If they persist, you may properly call them rude.

If You Are Gonna Tell the Truth, Tell It All

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Dear Short Answers:
I went on a business trip a couple of weeks ago to a city that I’ve always wanted to visit. I decided to extend my stay by a day so that I could sightsee but I knew that my wife would be jealous and upset so I didn’t tell her that I had done that.  Now that I’m back, I’m feeling guiltier and guiltier about lying to her (although I didn’t really lie, I just didn’t tell her the whole truth).  Should I tell her what happened or just forget about it and move on?

Dear P:
Tell her the whole story and include that you wish you could have called and said “hey honey, I’m staying an extra day.”  Tell her you didn’t because you thought she would be unenthusiastic — so you took the low road.  THAT is the problem, not the extra day.

Easy Peasy

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Dear Short Answers:
Two good friends of mine announced their engagement about a month ago. Several other friends told me that they have already received a “save the date” invitation for the wedding but I have not. Should I mention to the couple that I did not receive an invitation?  Perhaps they just assumed that I would “save the date” since we are pretty close.  But I don’t want to plan to attend (it’s a destination wedding about a year from now) unless I am actually invited.  I don’t want them to feel awkward if they actually didn’t intend to invite me.

Dear Susie:
This is a job for a go between.  Ask your friend who received the “Save the Date” to ask engaged couple if you are invited.

You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

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Dear Short Answers:
I hate wearing costumes. But it seems like every party I get invited to these days is a “costume event.”  In the past month, I’ve been invited to a Wild West Party, a Roaring 20s Party, a Movie Star Look-a-like Party and a Dress-Like-Your-Mother Party.  Should I keep saying “no” to all these events or should I attend in street clothes and risk being a downer?

Dear Downer:
Wardrobe change unleashes the tiger.  Dressing like your mother, has some amusing psychosexual possibilities, as does movie star look alike! What’s the problem? Don’t have the wardrobe? Try the thrift shop.

Use It/Lose It

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Dear Short Answers:
Over the past year, I have found it harder and harder to do simple math calculations in my head. I went to school when you had to memorize your “tables” so I should know these things. I can’t figure out whether I am simply out of practice (since who has to do math in their heads any more?) or if I am starting to “lose it.”  Do other people my age (I am almost 70) have this problem?

Dear Worried:
YES.  There seems to be a lot of that going on.

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As You Like It

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Dear Short Answers:
Now that Facebook has these automatic alerts, I keep getting birthday announcements in my calendar for people who have passed away. I don’t mind it because it is a reminder of the person and it always makes me stop and think for a few minutes about them.  But my husband thinks it’s morbid and that I should delete them all before my calendar is completely filled with dead people’s birthdays.  What do you think?
Carol Ann

Dear CA:
We think your husband should delete his dead, and that you should manage yours, as you see fit.

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Better Living through Chemistry

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband and I are in our 70s and this is the third marriage for both of us. Completely out of the blue he announced that he is no longer “capable” of having sex with me and he thinks that I should get some sort of a “machine” to help me do it on my own.  I think he’s fully “capable,” I just don’t think he’s “interested.”  A big reason that we got married 10 years ago was because the sex was so good.  I don’t think I can find another man at my age.  How to I get him to change his mind?
Still Hot

Dear Hot:
Tell him an intermission is ok but you’re not ready for a final curtain — and he should see the doc. While you are waiting, try to remember the other reasons you got married.

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Great Expectations

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Dear Short Answers:
There is an older divorced woman in town who seems to like my company a lot because she invites me to join her at numerous events (like dinners and parties).  When we go out, she always pays for the meals and the tickets.  I enjoy being with her but there is certainly no “spark” if you know what I mean.  At least not on my side.  I’m concerned that she might be expecting more but I don’t know how to bring it up without insulting her and ruining a very pleasant friendship.  How do I handle this potentially awkward situation?

Dear Randy:
Frankly, Randy, we are more concerned about the financial arrangement. Perhaps if you paid your own way you would worry less.

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Don’t Sweat It

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Dear Short Answers:
When a bride & groom suggest a cash gift for their wedding instead of a traditional present, what is the proper amount to give?  They are co-workers and “good” friends but certainly not “really good” friends.  I don’t want to appear cheap but I can’t afford to be overly generous either.
A Guest

Dear Guest:
These cash suggestions make us uncomfortable. We suggest you ignore the suggestion and give them a gift of your own choosing.

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