Gross Generalization

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Dear Short Answers:
Are gay people sick more often than straight people?
Would Like to Know

Dear WLK:

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If in Doubt, Take a Poll

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Dear Short Answers:
Am I a nice person?

Dear MJG:
If you don’t know the answer, ask around.

Drugs of Preference

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Dear Short Answers:
My fiancé and I live in a state where marijuana is legal.  At our wedding dinner we would love to have some cannabis brownies or cookies or something like that as an alternative (or additive!) to the alcohol we would normally serve. Obviously, we would label it clearly so that no one would eat some by mistake.  All four of our parents are appalled by this idea.  One solution might be to only allow adults at the dinner and maybe have something else for the kids.  But even that isn’t enough to satisfy our parents. What do you think?
Bobbie and Bob

Dear B&B:
We think it is very considerate to offer an alcohol alternative. How about a few vapes in the hands of bartenders? Edibles are too attractive to kids — and long lasting for hapless adults.

Tell, Then Ask

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Dear Short Answers:
I know my husband is cheating on me. He denies it. How do I figure out if it’s serious? I don’t want to break up.

Dear Annie:
Tell him you know. Ask if it’s serious. Then decide how you feel.

Powerful Words

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Dear Short Answers:
How do you make kids understand “obligation” and “responsibility”?

Dear Roberta:
If you figure this out, let us know. Then run for President.

Same, Only Worse

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Dear Short Answers:
I just found out that someone I thought I knew very well is still a TRUMP SUPPORTER!!! I forgave him in 2016 … but now, how do I continue this relationship?

Dear Robert:
Forgiveness once is open minded. Twice is dangerous.

Love Me, Love My Dog

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Dear Short Answers:
I have had dogs my entire life and I had one before I met my current girlfriend. She hates dogs and has tried to get met to give Molly away which I refused to do. But oddly, Molly disappeared a few days ago and I can’t shake the feeling that my girl friend had something to do with it.  Of course she denies it but I don’t believe her 100 percent. In all other aspects she is a wonderful person but I don’t think I could ever get over this if my suspicions are true.  What do I do?

Dear Heartbroken:
Find Molly, ditch the girlfriend.

A Pretty Face Won’t Get You on the Subway

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Dear Short Answers:
My brother is a great guy but not exactly what you’d call great looking. I
know that sounds insensitive but it’s the truth.  That’s one reason why
the whole family was shocked when he got a drop-dead gorgeous girl-
friend who “claims” to be a model. The problem is that she thinks he is
vastly better looking than he is and she wants him to become a model as well. He is going to quit his job and they are both moving to New York to focus on modeling full-time. I think she is setting him up for a hugely
embarrassing disappointment.  How can I get him to come to his senses?
Worried About My Bro

Dear Worried:
You are focusing on the wrong issue. Your brother may or may not be good looking, and the GF may or may not be “drop-dead gorgeous” but that has only modest impact on their likelihood of success in the New York modeling world. Hundreds of people come to New York everyday with high hopes. Our advice to everyone, regardless of their gifts, is to have a back-up plan.

Not for Amateurs

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Dear Short Answers:
Are pit bulls dangerous?
Looking for a Dog

Dear Looking:
We have known pit bulls who inspire poetry. They can be lovable and loyal — but sometimes a bit aggressive. If you have the time and energy to put into training they can be lovely pets but without that commitment, there are easier choices.

Family Affair

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Dear Short Answers:
My wife and I are both in our late 60s and are both recently retired. We have kids and grandkids in the area and are thrilled to be able to spend more time with them and love being a frequent babysitter. But that’s not the problem.  Although my parents passed away, my wife’s parents are still living and in their 90s.  As they have become more frail, my wife has decided that we should move in with them so that they can stay in their home instead of moving to an assisted living facility.  The problem is that they live over 1000 miles away in a town that I have barely even visited. I am extremely happy with the ways things are now and I don’t understand why we should ruin it.  Am I being completely insensitive? I’m petrified that my in-laws will live to 100 and my grand-kids will be teen-agers by the time I get back.

Dear Grandad:
We hear you. And your wife should too. Even if you both were “all in” on the idea of the move, it would be challenging. We think you need to clearly tell her that this is NOT what you want and discuss with her the many alternatives to her plan.

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