The Answer Is “No”

Posted on | March 30, 2020 | Comments Off on The Answer Is “No”

Dear Short Answers:
Now that my gym is closed, do I have to work out at home (which is even more boring and less useful than working out in a gym)? Can’t I pretend I am “on vacation” and pig out for a couple of weeks if it makes me feel better?
Not That Into It

Dear Not Into It:
No you don’t have to work out at home. But you will pay later.

We Feel You

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Dear Short Answers:
I am in Day 12 and I live alone. I started strong. But now I sleep in my clothes and don’t even change in the morning.

Dear Covid:
It’s gonna be a long haul. No judgement but we think getting up, making your bed, getting dressed — it’s all important. Nourishes something we can’t explain but it just feels right.


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Dear Short Answers:
My husband refuses to take any precautions about the corona virus. He doesn’t wash his hands regularly, he still shakes hands with strangers and sneezes without covering his mouth.  Can i make him go live in a hotel until this is all over?
Worried Sick

Dear Worried:
He is dead wrong. If he won’t play by the rules, then you must leave.

Election? What election?

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Dear Short Answers:
Who will Joe Biden pick as a running mate?
Need to Know!

Dear Need to Know:
He hasn’t told us yet.

Grandma Lives in an Airplane

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Dear Short Answers:
My grandsons have never visited at our home and as a result, have a hard time having a fleshed out idea of who their grandparents are. I’ve expressed this concern to his parents, but so far its a “no go.” They are busy and live on the other coast. Any ideas?
Phantom Granny

Dear Phantom:
Understand your beef. It is sub-optimal but postcards, Facetime and videos may help. Stay with it even if there is no immediate response.

Love Thy Neighbor

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Dear Short Answers:
My neighbor had surgery and I haven’t seen him or his wife in weeks. I’ve called and texted. Should I wait for them to tell us what’s up, or be a little more aggressive?
Worry, Worry, Worry

Dear Worry:
Leave them alone. They will get in touch when they are ready.

Gross Generalization

Posted on | November 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Gross Generalization

Dear Short Answers:
Are gay people sick more often than straight people?
Would Like to Know

Dear WLK:

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If in Doubt, Take a Poll

Posted on | November 24, 2019 | Comments Off on If in Doubt, Take a Poll

Dear Short Answers:
Am I a nice person?

Dear MJG:
If you don’t know the answer, ask around.

Drugs of Preference

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Dear Short Answers:
My fiancé and I live in a state where marijuana is legal.  At our wedding dinner we would love to have some cannabis brownies or cookies or something like that as an alternative (or additive!) to the alcohol we would normally serve. Obviously, we would label it clearly so that no one would eat some by mistake.  All four of our parents are appalled by this idea.  One solution might be to only allow adults at the dinner and maybe have something else for the kids.  But even that isn’t enough to satisfy our parents. What do you think?
Bobbie and Bob

Dear B&B:
We think it is very considerate to offer an alcohol alternative. How about a few vapes in the hands of bartenders? Edibles are too attractive to kids — and long lasting for hapless adults.

Tell, Then Ask

Posted on | September 21, 2019 | Comments Off on Tell, Then Ask

Dear Short Answers:
I know my husband is cheating on me. He denies it. How do I figure out if it’s serious? I don’t want to break up.

Dear Annie:
Tell him you know. Ask if it’s serious. Then decide how you feel.

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