Meaning of Life

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Dear Short Answers:
Was charcoal ever alive?
Bill S.

Dear Bill:
No, not to our way of thinking, but are always cautious in matters of life and death.

“Reasonable” Is Not the Issue

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Dear Short Answers:
How long should it take a reasonable person to get ready for bed? My girlfriend takes OVER AN HOUR!  We can’t afford an apartment with two bathrooms so what do I do?
The BF

Dear BF:
You use the bathroom first, then get off her case.

Communal Property?

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Dear Short Answers:
My new boyfriend and I were at a restaurant and it started to rain really hard. When we left, he simply grabbed an umbrella from the pile of umbrellas that were by the door.  Since we hadn’t brought an umbrella with us, he was basically stealing one.  When I asked him about this, he claimed that people do this all the time and that there are always “extra” umbrellas that people have forgotten so there isn’t really a problem.  Plus, he claimed that he had forgotten umbrellas all over the place so he was basically just taking back something he had forgotten at another restaurant.  I was at a loss for words.  Is this an acceptable rationale for taking an umbrella?

Dear Erica:
No, this is NOT acceptable behavior, it is stealing.

Desperate Times/Desperate Measures

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Dear Short Answers:
Is it okay to use body wash on my face when I’m in the shower if there isn’t any face wash handy?

Dear KTG:
This has to be  a guy question — and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just water is preferable.


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Dear Short Answers:
I was in line to order a sandwich at a deli and this guy comes up to me and says that he’s in a hurry and can he cut in front of me. I wasn’t in a hurry myself so I said okay.  But when he stepped in line, all the people behind me starting to yell at me because, of course, he cut in front of them, too.  I was so embarrassed that I left the store but I got to thinking about it.  Shouldn’t they have yelled at HIM instead of me?
Just Trying to Be Nice

Dear Trying:
You were not at fault. It is worth thinking about why you left the store and what your other options might have been.

Your Sister’s Keeper

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Dear Short Answers:
I took my dog to the dog park yesterday and while I was there a woman came in with a rather large dog and soon after, she left and left her dog in the dog park. I thought she might be just going to her car or something but I was there for over 30 minutes and she still had not returned.  I finally left myself but kept thinking that perhaps I should have called the local SPCA to come get the dog.  I didn’t want them to permanently take the dog away from her but her behavior seemed really irresponsible to me and potentially dangerous (it was, after all, a really big dog).  What do you think I should have done?

Dear Worrying:
No wonder you are still concerned! It is always tough to decide when to intervene when encountering the irresponsible behavior of others.  Intervention often means setting a process in motion over which you have no control. You did what seems reasonable. Perhaps you might have checked back to see if she had come for the dog in another half hour, but if not, you would have faced the same tough call.


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Dear Short Answers:
My friend’s parents are hosting all their kids and family plus some friends of their kids– like me.  Do I need to confirm invite with my friend’s parents or can I assume my friend is “empowered”.
Guest to Be

Dear Guest2B:
Yes, of course confirm with the hosts.  You may certainly do so by email, but agree on time and date of arrival and departure, and DO NOT assume that they are aware of any partners, children, pets, or other added treats your friend may have agreed to.

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Things that Nest in the Night

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Dear Short Answers:
Do you fear death?
A Friend

Dear Friend:
Not today.


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Dear Short Answers:
Can you tell me why docs are still prescribing oxy when the opiate epidemic is out of control?

Dear Witness:
People are in a lot of pain.  Compassion.  People abuse drugs.  Sometimes. Doctors have incomplete information. We do not accept pain.  That’s the beginning of a conversation.

Are You Serious?

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Dear Short Answers:
My boyfriend and I have been together for less than a year and have a great relationship except for one thing. He can’t sleep unless the room is really cold and I can’t sleep unless it’s warm.  I’ve tried flannel nightgowns but I hate them.  He bought me a heavy comforter but I still like the room temp to be warm.  We still have separate apartments so he doesn’t stay over at my place very often.  Do you think this will be the reason we split up?  It seems silly but we can’t really figure out a compromise that works.
Running Hot and Cold

Dear Hold and Cold:
What worries us is your problem solving abilities. If you can’t work this one out, long term prospects don’t look good.

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