Just Say Nothing

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Dear Short Answers:
How do I keep from spilling the “whole truth” about my ex? I hate it when other women do it, but it’s soooo tempting.

Dear Wronged:
We so get the temptation, and so admire restraint. You will feel a slight tingle when doing the right thing.

Judge Not

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Dear Short Answers:
I’ve seen in many advice columns, including yours of late, suggesting to elders to get with the times and invest in social media if you want to keep in touch with those grand kids.  Did it ever occur to anyone that on a fixed income that initial and monthly outlay ranks low. Yes, some phones are free but also small hard to use and see.  So if you want something easy to use, your outlay could be $300 for the phone alone, then another $45 minimum for moderate talk and text time.  Give the grandparents a break and reach out the old fashioned way and call.  I am sure they’d love to “HEAR” voices.  Can you support this message?

Dear Pappy:
So you want  the grandkids to feel what it’s  like to be old, uncomfortable with technology, and have little discretionary income?  We suggest you try to remember what it’s like to be so busy, tired and emotionally tapped out that a relaxed phone chat with grandparents means a sacrifice of a different kind.

In the Eye of the Beholder

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband is a big believer that sunlight is better than privacy so he never ever closes a blind or a curtain in our home — including the bathroom. Which means that he walks around totally naked in full view of our next door neighbors.  They do not have any young children in their household but the wife asked me if I could “encourage” him to be more discrete.  Since my husband refused, our neighbors keep all their curtains closed on that side of their house.  My husband just says, “let ‘em look if they want to.” Do I need to nail the curtains to the bathroom window or just ignore the whole thing?
The Wife

Dear Wife:
We think you can take a pass on this one.

You Asked…

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Dear Short Answers:
My sister-in-law served food made by a caterer on Christmas Eve without telling us!  Although it was quite tasty I think she owed us an explanation! I could have outed her — I saw the plastic containers! What do you think?
She Cheated!

Dear Cheated:
We think your sister-in-law is smart and you are stupid.


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Dear Short Answers:
Are things really as bad as they seem?

Dear Worried:

Wrong Question

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Dear Short Answers:
Of course I think sexual assault is wrong, but do you think the current environment of high profile firings is a little “hysterical “?

Dear X:

Just Three Little Words

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband is only 38 years old but is already losing his hair. It doesn’t really bother me but apparently, it really, really bothers him because he has started to do the dreaded COMB-OVER! I have not come right out and said anything but I have hinted as loudly as I could. I have told him how much better his previous hair style looked and asked if he has changed barbers. He has not taken the hint. I am worried that one day I will simply blurt out “You aren’t fooling anybody!!!” Any suggestions?

Dear Embarrassed:
We are embarrassed you don’t know the answer. It’s short.

A Little Goes Too Far

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Dear Short Answers:
How many times should I let my boyfriend lie to me before I dump him for good?

Dear Sara:
Once would do it for us.

Get Your Own Life

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Dear Short Answers:
Last year, my father married a 30-year old woman (who just happens to be only 3 years older than me). Recently, she announced that she was PREGNANT!!! Which was quite a surprise to me since I know that my father is not able to have children any more (I’m not sure why, but that was the reason for his last divorce). I asked my father and he told me to keep my mouth shut but it’s driving me crazy. Don’t you think that his wife should know that he is well aware that the child isn’t his and she has been cheating on him? At some point, this is all going to blow up and I think the sooner the better.
Protective Daughter

Dear Daughter:
He told you, now we are telling you — this is none of your business.

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Wrong Question

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Dear Short Answers:
I invited a good friend of mine to a wine tasting event for a local charity and after we got there, she told me that she doesn’t drink wine. Shouldn’t she have told me this beforehand? The tickets were $100 each and it was totally wasted on her. Plus, it put a damper on the whole evening. My friend says that I should have know she doesn’t drink wine (she certainly drinks plenty of other things!!). I refuse to talk to her until she apologizes and she refuses to talk to me. Who is right?
Matter of Principle

Dear Principle:
We think your priorities need realignment. The operative words in your question should be “friend” and “charity”. We wish you a Merry Christmas and some attitude adjustment.

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