At Your Own Risk

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Dear Short Answers:
Do I really have to acknowledge any mother beside my own on Mother’s day (daughters, sisters, in laws)?
Manipulated by Media

Dear Manipulated:
Surely you have some sense of how the players in your life feel about these kind of occasions. There are no general rules, but every family has their own.

20 Stone = 280 Pounds

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Dear Short Answers:
Is 20 stone too heavy to ride a horse?
Big Man

Dear Big Man:
We suggest you ask the horse. Very nicely.

Definitive Forecast

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Dear Short Answers:
Will Spring ever come to the North East? When?

Dear Worried:
Most assuredly Spring will arrive — very slowly, then like a wildfire.

Where Angels Fear

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Dear Short Answers:
I just found out that someone I thought I knew very well is a TRUMP SUPPORTER!!! How do I go on?

Dear Errrgh:
One step at a time … and carefully.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

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Dear Short Answers:
How do you make kids understand “obligation” and “responsibility”?

Dear Mom:
Daily example. There is no other way.

Tough Spot

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Dear Short Answers:
I know my husband is cheating on me even though he denies it. How do I figure out if it’s serious? I don’t want to break up.

Dear Annie:
If there is someone waiting in the wings, truth and reconciliation are hard to get to — and we believe truth is an essential step in this process.  Tell him the relationship isn’t working for you and you need to talk. If he won’t hear you, the outlook isn’t good. Sorry.

Politics, Not Fashion

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Dear Short Answers:
Who gets to have a say on “Mother-of-the-Bride” dress?

Dear MOB:
Everyone gets to weigh in, you get to decide. Good Luck.

Just Say Nothing

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Dear Short Answers:
How do I keep from spilling the “whole truth” about my ex? I hate it when other women do it, but it’s soooo tempting.

Dear Wronged:
We so get the temptation, and so admire restraint. You will feel a slight tingle when doing the right thing.

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Judge Not

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Dear Short Answers:
I’ve seen in many advice columns, including yours of late, suggesting to elders to get with the times and invest in social media if you want to keep in touch with those grand kids.  Did it ever occur to anyone that on a fixed income that initial and monthly outlay ranks low. Yes, some phones are free but also small hard to use and see.  So if you want something easy to use, your outlay could be $300 for the phone alone, then another $45 minimum for moderate talk and text time.  Give the grandparents a break and reach out the old fashioned way and call.  I am sure they’d love to “HEAR” voices.  Can you support this message?

Dear Pappy:
So you want  the grandkids to feel what it’s  like to be old, uncomfortable with technology, and have little discretionary income?  We suggest you try to remember what it’s like to be so busy, tired and emotionally tapped out that a relaxed phone chat with grandparents means a sacrifice of a different kind.

In the Eye of the Beholder

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Dear Short Answers:
My husband is a big believer that sunlight is better than privacy so he never ever closes a blind or a curtain in our home — including the bathroom. Which means that he walks around totally naked in full view of our next door neighbors.  They do not have any young children in their household but the wife asked me if I could “encourage” him to be more discrete.  Since my husband refused, our neighbors keep all their curtains closed on that side of their house.  My husband just says, “let ‘em look if they want to.” Do I need to nail the curtains to the bathroom window or just ignore the whole thing?
The Wife

Dear Wife:
We think you can take a pass on this one.

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