Every Town Is a Small Town

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Dear Short Answers:
We just purchased a house for $545,000. The listing agent was also the selling agent. It was a cash deal, so she made a good deal of money for very limited input. She gave us a very nice pewter tray, which I like, but upon opening the box, stuck in a corner under the packaging was a Christmas card from another person, thanking her for her continued support. I want to send her a nice thank-you note to tell her how much we liked the tray. I would also like to send the card we found back to her and just say “oops.” What do you think?
Signed, Can’t Wait

Dear Can’t Wait:
Don’t do it. You never know….

Warranty Expired?

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Dear Short Answers:
How old should my children be before I allow them to get a tattoo?

Dear Jilly:
Our general rule is that at 18, when kids can vote or go to war, they then assume responsibility for their own bodies. However, if you are tattooed — it might be another story.

Above Our Pay Grade

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Dear Short Answers:
I live in a small town close to a major city and was having a hard time finding a really good reliable cleaning woman.  So I advertised in the local newspaper.  In the ad, I specified that this person MUST speak English.  You wouldn’t believe the nasty comments I received.  Since I’m the person doing the hiring, isn’t it my right to specify that they speak whatever language I want them to?

Dear MAD!:
Although we are not lawyers, we believe that it is illegal to require that an employee speaks English unless the job cannot be performed by a non-English speaker.  In other words, we think you are on shaky grounds legally. And politically.

Do the Best You Can

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Dear Short Answers:
What is the meaning of life?
Want to know

Dear Want To:
Good question — but no short answer.

The Cutie and the Curmudgeon

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Dear Short Answers:
My wife and I are both in our late 60s and have completely different points of view about what it means to be getting older.  I believe that age gives you the right to be truly honest and tell people what you really think.  Why beat around the bush if someone is annoying you?  In fact, why bother to deal with people who annoy you in the first place?  My wife on the other hand, feels that she has to be nice to everybody from the rude person in line at the grocery store to the jerk who’s talking on his cell phone in a theater.  Which one of us is right?

Dear Dick:
This has nothing to do with age. You can be as nasty as you wish — and your wife can nice it up as she sees fit. No right, no wrong — do what’s comfortable.

Moving on?

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Dear Short Answers:
How long should it take to get over a bad break-up?  I have a friend who has been devastated for almost 6 months — even though his relationship with his girlfriend lasted barely a year.  Isn’t it time to get over it and move on?
I Mean, Really

Dear I Mean:
Easy to say “GET OVER IT” when it isn’t you that is wounded. Broken hearts don’t always heal on schedule.

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A Friend with Opinions

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Dear Short Answers:
A wealthy, older man who is part of my social circle of friends, recently got married (for the THIRD time) to a woman who we all think is an escort or a prostitute or, at the very least, an opportunist who’s had a LOT of plastic surgery.  We can all ignore her past or her motivations but we can’t ignore how insufferable she is to be around.  All she does is talk about money in the crassest way.  Are we justified in telling “Alan” not to bring her with him to parties and social events?  I know they are married but I doubt it will last anyway.
Speaking for All of Us

Dear Speaking:
You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friends’ friends/spouses/escorts. Spare him your thoughts on this matter.

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Strategic Avoidance

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Dear Short Answers:
If a friend of yours has really bad table manners (I mean REALLY bad), is it better to point this out and risk losing a friend?  Or should I just avoid eating with this person if I can?

Dear Disgusted:
Assuming this friend is old enough to vote, we suggest go with option 2.

Monkey in the Middle

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Dear Short Answers:
What is our responsibility to our parents as they get older and require more time, more energy and more money from their children?
Exhausted and Broke

Dear E&B:
We hear you. This is very tough and the boundaries are different in every family. Remember that you are an adult (which is often a challenge even when dealing with elderly parents) and determine the limits of your responsibility based on a realistic assessment of your own emotional and financial resources.

Perfect for whom?

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Dear Short Answers:
What do you do if your boyfriend is perfect in every way but he just doesn’t make you happy?  I can’t find anything wrong with Brandon and my friends all love him.  But I just don’t get excited to see him or really miss him when he’s not around.  Do you think this is a bad omen for the future?  Or maybe I’m just not the emotional type.
The Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriend:
There doesn’t need to be any thing “wrong” with him to make him not right for you. You deserve to feel more.

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