A Short Question

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Dear Short Answers:
My daughter recently started dating someone who is abnormally short.  I mean really, really short.  I don’t mean to seem shallow but I know that short people have a harder time in this world than tall people do.  How do I convince her that somebody of average height or taller would make a much better father for their children?

Dear Mom:
If you are looking for support for your point of view, you came to the wrong place. Examine your attitudes. Perhaps short people have a hard time because of people like you.

Cultural Misfortune

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Dear Short Answers:
Why is money so important?

Dear $$:
Because people make it so.

Seasonal Woe

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Dear Short Answers:
Recently I was at a party where the host greeted everybody with a hug and a kiss.  I thought this was sweet until I later overheard her say how sick she was and that she probably had the flu!!!  I didn’t say anything to her at the time, but now I’m thinking that I should call or send her a note and ask her to NEVER do that again.  What the heck was she thinking?  She might have infected all her friends!!!

Dear Offended:
This is why we get flu shots. Forget it.

Stick to Your Guns

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Dear Short Answers:
Over the last few years, I’ve probably started to drink a bit more than I should so I decided to designate Monday and Wednesday as my “non-drinking” days.  It doesn’t seem necessary to tell this to people in advance so if I’m out somewhere and other people are drinking, I just get a diet soda.  My abstinence is met with shock and dismay that somehow I have disappointed them because I’m not the “life of the party” anymore.  I guess I was more fun when I drank more but I’m sticking to my plan.  Do I start staying home on Monday and Wednesday?

Dear Trying:
If you think you are drinking too much you probably are and “friends” who are not supportive of your efforts to dial back are not friends. Find others.

Dangerous Liaisons

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Dear Short Answers:
I made the mistake of having sex with someone who works for me.  It was only once and we’ve never discussed it again.  But now, I am being forced to cut back on the size of my department and the person in question should be one of the people let go.  But I’m petrified that if I fire her, she will complain to HR and I’ll end up getting fired.  Should I avoid the situation by laying-off somebody else?  Should I talk to HR first?  Or should I just lay her off and see what happens?  I have no idea whether she is the type of person to do this  not.

Dear Troubled:
This is a mess. If you fire her, you are certainly taking a risk. She could certainly make things unpleasant for you — or worse. On the other hand, firing someone who doesn’t  deserve it, doesn’t seem fair. Although we can’t assure you that things will work out well, we encourage the hard right decision versus the easy wrong.  Good luck.

And Why Is This Your Business?

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Dear Short Answers:
I have a friend who is 28 years old and she recently told me she been dating a man who is 52 years old, has 2 daughters older than her and has been married 3 times. She also found out that he cheated on all 3 of his wives and may have a 5-year old and an 8 -year old, by two other women. Should I tell her to get out of this relationship. I don’t want her to think that I am jealous or anything but I don’t want her to get hurt. Word around town is that she moved in with him after only being with him for 3 months.
A Friend

Dear Friend:
Although we share your concern about this relationship, from your account your friend walked into it with her eyes wide open. Unless she specifically asks for your advice, we think there is no point in telling her what she already knows.

Supporting Friends

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Dear Short Answers:
Should I attend an out of town wedding for a couple that I really don’t believe should be getting married?

Dear Dubs:
If you know these folks well enough to be so sure they are making a mistake, then you should certainly go and hope that you are the one that has made the mistake!

What’s the Number?

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Dear Short Answers:
What percentage of their income do you think people should contribute to charity?
Thinking it Over

Dear Thinking:
In this culture, money is more personal that sex.   Tithing (10% of gross income) to the church is suggested in the new testament but only you can determine if that is the right number — or the correct recipient in today’s world.

Growing Up Circa 2015

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Dear Short Answers:
My son recently turned 26 and must now get his own health insurance.  From what I understand, this is not difficult and not expensive under Obamacare.  But his philosophy is since he doesn’t own anything, they can’t force him to pay and he’ll get free care if anything happens.  He’s probably right about that but how do I convince him that having health insurance is an important part of being an adult and something you should not live without?  I could go ahead and buy it for him but I think this should be his responsibility.

Dear Pops:
Some Millennials see the responsibilities of adulthood as a multiple choice exercise.  Part of having ‘adult’ children is letting them choose.

Your Money, Your Call

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Dear Short Answers:
If you are asked by a friend to contribute to a charity that is important to them but not at all important to you, what should you do?  Explain that you don’t care about his charity?  Give a small amount to get him off your back?
Just Don’t Care

Dear Don’t Care:
You are under no obligation to give or explain.

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