Too Late Now

Dear Short Answers: If you invite a lot of people to your house for a party but then decide that you don’t want to have a party after all, is there a nice way to cancel? Should I make up an excuse or admit that I just changed my mind? Don’t Want to Bother Dear [...]

Matter of Taste

Dear Short Answers: I try to be open-minded, but don’t you think that women SHOULD NOT get tattoos? It just looks slutty to me. Bill Dear Bill: Disagree  … we think they are sexy. Like Unlike

Just Say NO

Dear Short Answers: There is a person in town that I know very casually who has invited me to her home for dinners and parties and brunches and just about every occasion you can think of.  I don’t really want to get to know her better so I have declined every invitation. I have made [...]

Nun Ya

Dear Short Answers: I have a very good friend who is in a committed lesbian relationship.  They both want to have children and are both concerned about who the right biological father should be.  Apparently, they have decided that the “solution” to this problem is that each of their brothers will artificially inseminate the other [...]

Whatever Works

Dear Short Answers: Do you think a married couple should merge their finances or keep separate checking accounts? Just Married Dear Just: In the long run, it probably doesn’t matter a bit.  However, we think it might be a good idea to keep things separate for awhile. Like Unlike

Uncomfortable, Unusual, Unconventional

Dear Short Answers: We invited guests to stay with us for the 4th of July weekend and when they showed up, they had their 16-year old son with them.  We only have one guest room but they said it wasn’t a problem because they could all sleep in the same bed!!!!  First, I was furious [...]

Consolation, Not Consultation

Dear Short Answers: When a person asks you for advice about getting a facelift, do you have to reassure them that they don’t need one?  Or can you tell them the truth and say that it would really, really be a good idea???? RWD Dear RWD: It is generally pretty clear whether a person is [...]

Let It Go

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend and I are planning to get married in the fall.  We are both Catholic, we both want kids and we agree on just about everything important.  There’s only one silly problem.  My boyfriend grew up in the city and I grew up in the suburbs.  I can’t imagine trying to [...]

Becoming a 21st Century Lady

Dear Short Answers: I’m just getting back into dating after being married for over 20 years.  My husband was only the third man I ever slept with but I’m concerned that things are a bit looser today.  I’m not a prude but I don’t want to seem too eager either.  How many dates should I [...]

Department of Over-Think

Dear Short Answers: How do you tactfully invite some of your co-workers to your wedding and not others?  Should I include a message at the bottom of the invitation that says “please keep this invitation confidential?”  If I do that it sounds like we are getting married in secret.  That’s not the case, I just [...]

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