In the Eye of the Beholder

Dear Short Answers: My husband is a big believer that sunlight is better than privacy so he never ever closes a blind or a curtain in our home — including the bathroom. Which means that he walks around totally naked in full view of our next door neighbors.  They do not have any young children [...]

You Asked…

Dear Short Answers: My sister-in-law served food made by a caterer on Christmas Eve without telling us!  Although it was quite tasty I think she owed us an explanation! I could have outed her — I saw the plastic containers! What do you think? She Cheated! Dear Cheated: We think your sister-in-law is smart and [...]


Dear Short Answers: Are things really as bad as they seem? Worried Dear Worried: Yes. Like Unlike

Get Your Own Life

Dear Short Answers: Last year, my father married a 30-year old woman (who just happens to be only 3 years older than me). Recently, she announced that she was PREGNANT!!! Which was quite a surprise to me since I know that my father is not able to have children any more (I’m not sure why, [...]

‘’Tis the Season

Dear Short Answers: When can I start listening to Holiday Music?? In the Spirit Dear Spirit: Now is fine with us. Like Unlike

The Acculturation of Mate Prospects

Dear Short Answers: My new boyfriend has a phobia about sharing his food with other people.  If I take a bite from his plate, he refuses to eat it anymore.  I grew up in a big family that loved to share.  Do you think that I will have to stop picking off his plate forever [...]

Meaning of Life

Dear Short Answers: Was charcoal ever alive? Bill S. Dear Bill: No, not to our way of thinking, but are always cautious in matters of life and death. Like Unlike

Desperate Times/Desperate Measures

Dear Short Answers: Is it okay to use body wash on my face when I’m in the shower if there isn’t any face wash handy? KTG Dear KTG: This has to be  a guy question — and the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. Just water is preferable. Like Unlike

Things that Nest in the Night

Dear Short Answers: Do you fear death? A Friend Dear Friend: Not today. Like Unlike

Fashion Victim

Dear Short Answers: Ever since my husband retired, he has started to get sloppier and sloppier in the way he dresses. His clothes have really, really bad stains and are threadbare in places.  I have bought him new clothes but he refuses to wear them and says he just doesn’t care.  He’s starting to look [...]

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