Suspend Disbelief

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I recently decided that we should start having a family.  But given the horrible state of the world today we are having second thoughts.  Do you think it is selfish of us to have a child when the world is in such turmoil? Mom2B Dear Mom2B: Just exactly when [...]

Moving Forward

Dear Short Answers: I don’t think that the major rift in my family over this past election is going to heal any time soon.  Any advice? Tense Dear Tense: Don’t confuse argument with principle.  Commitment is a matter of belief and action.  No where is it written that you must air your views in all [...]


Dear Short Answers: When he turned 65, my husband decided he was going to be brutally “honest” with everybody he knows.  This basically means that he criticizes everything and everybody.  When a waitress asks him if he enjoyed his dinner, he says, “I thought the fish was too dry and the vegetables just okay.”  When [...]

Married to the Blob

Dear Short Answers: How do you deal with a husband who is getting fatter and lazier as he gets older?  Do I keep pushing him to go to the gym and get out of the house?  Or do I finally just give up and find new friends and new ways to entertain myself? Still Active [...]

Fight Back!

Dear Short Answers: I’m single and happy,  which is great for me but all my friends are married with small kids and this time of year I get those cards with a zillion pictures of the kids.  It makes me feel like I can’t play this game. What should I do?  I used to just [...]

Balancing Act

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it matters if the husband (or wife) makes vastly more money than their spouse? Is it hard on the marriage? Affianced Dear Affianced: Everything is hard on marriages but working it out is the most satisfying game in town. Differences in earning power is just that — power. It [...]

Personally Speaking

Dear Short Answers: What is the problem between the USA and Cuba? Puzzled Dear Puzzled: This probably depends on who you are asking the question of, but, personally, we have no problem at all. Like Unlike

Call It Like You See It

Dear Short Answers: My brother keeps telling me that his wife is intimidated by me. My answer is “of course she is — but why is this my problem?” Sister Woman Dear Sister Woman: We like your style but don’t be surprised if the air gets chill. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: Do you think that when this election is over women will finally have real equal rights? Or is it going to get even worse? Getting Nervous Dear Nervous: Well, now the election is over, and we think it is likely to get worse. Like Unlike

Outlook for the Future: Change Ahead

Dear Short Answers: It’s the holidays again and I’m already upset. My family is all distant and each have their reasons for being unavailable. But I am! What to do? Still Available Dear available: It depends on what “available means.”  If they are unavailable for travel, you can do the traveling. If they are unavailable [...]

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