Kids and Dogs

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that getting a dog is good training for young children and will help them learn responsibility? Mom Dear Mom: Only if they really want the dog and YOU provide thoughtful and firm guidance throughout the process.  Otherwise, you are looking at mom’s new best friend. Like Unlike

Not All Truth Need Be Told

Dear Short Answers: My best friend is having a terrible time finding a boyfriend and probably hasn’t even had a date in years.  Personally, I think she needs to dress better, lose a few pounds, whiten her teeth and get a better hair style.  But I’m kind of afraid to hit her with all this [...]

Three’s a Charm

Dear Short Answers: How many times should you ask a girl out before you finally give up and admit that “no means no??” Jimmy Dear Jimmy: She says no once, perhaps she is busy.  Twice, maybe she is being coy.  Third time — she really means it darling. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

The Story of Stuff

Dear Short Answers: I have a very large family with lots of nieces, nephews and distant cousins.  My grandmother is getting old and will likely not live much longer.  I know that everyone in the family will want a memento of this wonderful woman but I’m not sure how to go about dividing it all [...]

Register and Vote

Dear Short Answers: I would like to stay as apolitical as I possibly can during this absurd election season.  Maybe even for the rest of my life.  What is the best way to do this? John Doe Dear John: If you want to stay out of the often meaningless yet angry debate, or spare yourself [...]

Only in Your Dreams, Darling

Dear Short Answers: Is it wrong to wish that your ex-boyfriend die in the most painful way possible? Still Angry Dear Angry: Yeah, it’s wrong. Do something constructive with your anger — go for a run, learn Karate, or better yet, get involved in a project that will do good for others. Like Unlike

In a Word

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that having children is the answer to the meaning of life? ??? Dear ???: No. Like Unlike

In for a Dabble, In for a Dive

Dear Short Answers: How old was the youngest person you ever dated? Cradle Robber Dear Cradle: Surely you don’t mean us, personally? In general, we believe 10 years age difference is the legal limit for a long-term relationship, but we are presuming that both parties are at least over 21.  Smaller differences are more significant [...]

It’s Personal

Dear Short Answers: How many bras and underpants should one have at any one time? Joy Dear Joy: Well, there are many ways to think about this — but lets start with one for everyday of the week (labeled, or not, that’s a matter of taste) and work up or down from there. 1 person [...]


Dear Short Answers: When a person sends a thank-you note, are you supposed to send a note back?  To me, that seems stupid but sometimes when I send a thank-you note, I get a note back that says, “thank you for your very kind note.”  That kind of nonsense could go back & forth forever!!! [...]

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