Dear Short Answers: Do you think that when this election is over women will finally have real equal rights? Or is it going to get even worse? Getting Nervous Dear Nervous: Well, now the election is over, and we think it is likely to get worse. Like Unlike

Outlook for the Future: Change Ahead

Dear Short Answers: It’s the holidays again and I’m already upset. My family is all distant and each have their reasons for being unavailable. But I am! What to do? Still Available Dear available: It depends on what “available means.”  If they are unavailable for travel, you can do the traveling. If they are unavailable [...]

When More Is More

Dear Short Answers: What should I get my mother-in-law for Christmas? She has everything! DIL Dear DIL: Don’t be lazy! If she has “everything,” then you have a lot of clues about what she likes. Study the problem. Enjoy the solution. Like Unlike

Laugh and the World…

Dear Short Answers: As I’ve gotten older, I find that it’s easier and easier to complain and whine and harder and harder to stay positive. I choose to be positive but so many friends my age do not.  As a result, I’ve simply started to avoid the ones who depress me (and foster my own [...]

Throw Out the Rest

Dear Short Answers: How much candy should I let my kids have at Halloween? Mom Dear Mom: Awww, you know the answer to this one. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: I am finding all the public dialogue about sexual assault very troubling. The incidents described by the women who are coming forward are very familiar to me but my generation never dared call it “assault” — we just accepted it and tried to stay out of the way of men like Trump. [...]

Unanticipated Consequences

Dear Short Answers: My husband has been having some anxiety issues so I finally convinced him to see a therapist.  After one visit, he came home to tell me that he is moving out of the house “at the recommendation of his therapist.”  Needless to say, I was shocked and I can’t believe that any [...]

Got Jacket, Lost Friend

Dear Short Answers: I was at a friend’s house for dinner a week ago and accidentally left my jacket there. I called to say that I would come and get it and he said “sure.”  When I got there, no one was home so I waited around for a bit.  I finally just decided to [...]

It Better Be a Good One

Dear Short Answers: I called my sister-in law today and she said she would not be able to speak to me for a week because she was “so busy.”  It sounds to me like she doesn’t want to talk at all, right? Annie Dear Annie: In a world in which one is expected to return [...]

When 1 Plus 1 Still Equals 1

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend with whom I’ve always had a lopsided relationship — meaning it is always about him. His problems have been the “main course” in our relationship for decades.  When I try to discuss it, I believe he really doesn’t know what I’m talking about. How can I make this [...]

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