No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Dear Short Answers: There is a 14-year old girl in our neighborhood who has recently starting baby sitting for us.  In talking to her and her parents, I found out that neither she nor her parents have a computer at home and that she has to use the public computers at school and at the [...]

Ground Rules

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that a Christian Conservative and a Liberal Democrat can have a happy marriage? Friend of a Friend Dear FOF: Depends on what they think marriage is — if they agree on that, anything is possible Like Unlike

Mine Field

Dear Short Answers: I just met my son’s new girl friend and he wants to know what I think of her.  My honest reaction is that she is not smart enough, not pretty enough and not interesting enough to be dating my son.  But I don’t think that’s what he wants to hear.  Without totally [...]

The Law of the Land

Dear Short Answers: When two men get married are they both “husbands” or is one the “husband” and one the “wife?”  I want to make sure I am being “politically” correct. KFM Dear KFM: Both men are usually referred to as husbands. This isn’t about political correctness, it is about the law. Like Unlike

Rule for the Road

Dear Short Answers: What are the responsibilities of house guests on a holiday weekend? Or any weekend? Tom T Dear TT: House guests should be entertaining, allow hosts a few hours of private time each day, and leave their room as they found it.  Yes, you should change the sheets — or at least offer. [...]

Let It Be

Dear Short Answers: Any advice about multi-generational vacations? Mom in the Middle Dear MIM: Cut yourself a lot of slack — and everyone else too. Remember that everyone made this choice with good intentions.  Free yourself of your usual standards — whatever they are. Paper plates are fine, grazing is fine, and sense of humor [...]

Design Po Po

Dear Shortie: Why are the designs on Kleenex boxes so ugly and old-fashioned?  Can’t they design anything decent? The Taste Fairy Dear Tink: Sprinkle with your special powder and make them “object d’art.” Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: My son’s wife looks like a dog’s breakfast. Is there anything I can say that won’t land me in the dog house? Mother-in-Law DEAR MIL: No dear. Keep it zipped. Like Unlike

The Pleasure of Their Company?

Dear Short Answers: I recently had guests staying with me for a few days.  I try to be a good host so I always keep the guest bathroom stocked with soap, shampoo, extra toothbrushes, razors, etc. just in case my guests have forgotten something.  When I went to clean their room after they had left, [...]

Especially in Summer

Dear Short Answers: How old is too old for shorts?  Or bathing suits, or tube tops? I have opinions Dear Opinions: We believe folks should wear what makes them feel great at any age — conventions be damned! Like Unlike

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