If It Feels Creepy, It Is Creepy

Dear Short Answers: A friend has secretly confided in me that she is planning to leave her husband.  I don’t really know either of them very well but she has come to me for help in getting a job (we work in similar businesses) and a temporary apartment.  Normally, I would be glad to help [...]

Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Short Answers: I’m 28 years old and getting smothered by my mother. She calls me every day and asks a million questions.  She makes surprise visits where I work and brings cookies to my co-workers.  She sends me so many emails that I haven’t even read most of them.  I’ve tried to have a [...]

What a Wonderful World It Could Be

Dear Short Answers: Why is it important to have respect? James Dear James: It is important to have the respect for others because it contributes to your own sense of self-esteem. However, we think it is even more important to show respect to others, because it is the basis of our social contract. Like Unlike

The Department of Yuck

Dear Short Answers: My husband probably has the most disgusting habit I’ve ever seen but there is nothing I can do to stop him. Frank has a great deal of nose and ear hair and he is constantly “plucking” it out even in public.  I’ve begged him to do this ONLY in the privacy of [...]

Keeping It Simple

Dear Short Answers: I have several friends who have more than one email address. It’s confusing to me which address they use for which purpose so I usually just send an email to both addresses. I understand the business/personal rule that some people have.  But some of my friends have bizarre email rules like “please [...]

First World Problem

Dear Short Answers: I’m finding it very difficult to navigate this new era of “sexual” correctness. I grew up in an era when  it was perfectly acceptable to compliment a man or a woman on how they looked and a simple hug was not considered sexual harassment.  Is there an easy way to figure this [...]

Not Joined at the Hip

Dear Short Answers: I don’t want to ask a question. I want to comment on your answer to Sister Sal whose husband did not want to go to her family reunion. You gave him a free pass to be a selfish, inconsiderate jerk towards his wife and her family. That’s what is wrong with couples [...]

Rude Questions Deserve No Answers

Dear Short Answers: I am a recovering alcoholic and have been doing quite well. But even after TWO YEARS, some people continue to urge me to have “just one”  – or worse, demand an explanation for why I no longer drink. Do I owe an explanation? Sober and Smiling Dear S&S: First, we would like [...]

Mutton Dressed as Lamb?

Dear Short Answers: I am an aging fashionista.  I still wear skinny jeans and frankly anything else that appeals to me. I hate the ‘goddess’ look — or anything else that suggests that you no longer care. At least  not for me. I realize that I may not have an accurate view of myself (I’m [...]

More Bread for Us!

Dear Short Answers: Is it really possible that half the world has suddenly developed gluten allergies? Bread Lover Dear BL: Yes, we have noticed this strange phenomena ourselves. And we say “let them eat rice!” Like Unlike

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