We Are Not the Waltons

Dear Short Answers: It’s getting close to Christmas and I’m already dreading the obligatory family get-togethers.  Do you have any secrets to getting through the holidays without killing yourself or your family? Apprehensive Dear Apprehensive: We have found that giving up celluloid fantasies about what family life is supposed to be, appreciating others for what [...]

Not a Hard One

Dear Short Answers: There is a regular group in the neighborhood that walks their dogs together every night around the same time.  We don’t really know each other well but we enjoy the time together and it’s a relaxing way to spend a half an hour or so.  A few months ago, one of the [...]

My Own (Air) Space

Dear Short Answers: When you sit next to a complete stranger on an airplane (or anywhere for that matter) and they start telling you all their problems — some of which are pretty serious and sad — how to get them to stop without being rude? Jean Dear Jean: Feel free to to interrupt the [...]

Cloudy, Chance of Spitballs

Dear Short Answers: I have been dating a man for over a year and things are starting to get serious.  When we first met I knew that he had been married before and that didn’t bother me. But I recently found out that he has been married FOUR times before.  He swears that there were [...]

Every Town Is a Small Town

Dear Short Answers: We just purchased a house for $545,000. The listing agent was also the selling agent. It was a cash deal, so she made a good deal of money for very limited input. She gave us a very nice pewter tray, which I like, but upon opening the box, stuck in a corner [...]

Warranty Expired?

Dear Short Answers: How old should my children be before I allow them to get a tattoo? Jilly Dear Jilly: Our general rule is that at 18, when kids can vote or go to war, they then assume responsibility for their own bodies. However, if you are tattooed — it might be another story. Like [...]

The Cutie and the Curmudgeon

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I are both in our late 60s and have completely different points of view about what it means to be getting older.  I believe that age gives you the right to be truly honest and tell people what you really think.  Why beat around the bush if someone is [...]

Strategic Avoidance

Dear Short Answers: If a friend of yours has really bad table manners (I mean REALLY bad), is it better to point this out and risk losing a friend?  Or should I just avoid eating with this person if I can? Disgusted Dear Disgusted: Assuming this friend is old enough to vote, we suggest go [...]

Extra Spicy All the Time?

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend likes to have sex anywhere except the bedroom.  He says it’s more exciting and it turns him on to have sex in the kitchen or the bathroom.  He thinks it’s even better if it’s kind of public like the laundry room in our apartment building.  I tried to get him [...]

Kids and Dogs

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that getting a dog is good training for young children and will help them learn responsibility? Mom Dear Mom: Only if they really want the dog and YOU provide thoughtful and firm guidance throughout the process.  Otherwise, you are looking at mom’s new best friend. 1 person likes this [...]

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