Agnostic by a Hair

Dear Short Answers: What is the right thing to do if you find a hair in your food at a restaurant? Even if the food is cooked so probably not harmful? I say just ignore it but my girl friend freaks out and demands a refund. What do you think? SJW Dear SJW: We agree [...]

Ambiguity Breeds Contempt

Dear Short Answers: I am working with a non-profit group in my town that is driving me batty. I believe in the work that the group does, but I can’t stand the politics, the meetings, the bickering and indecisiveness. Is this common in non-profit organizations or is this one especially dysfunctional? Getting Crazy Dear Crazy: [...]

In a Word

Dear Short Answers: There is a guy in town that I would love to have sex with but he’s been married for over 20 years to a woman who happens to be a friend of mine — so I figured it was never going to happen. HOWEVER — I have recently found out that he’s [...]

Like It or Leave

Dear Short Answers: I meet a woman in my neighborhood for breakfast occasionally.  I’ve seen others roll their eyes when this woman’s name is mentioned and I never understood why. Now I get it– she is a name dropper like I’ve never seen before. It’s so annoying and gauche, talking about events to which others [...]


Dear Short Answers: There is a casual friend that I run into often and every time she says “oh we must have dinner and get to know each other better.” Several times, I called her back and she was either busy or didn’t return my call. So now when I see her and she says [...]

Why Do You Ask?

Dear Short Answers: What do you think of Andrew Sullivan? Curious Dear C: We <3 Andrew.   Like Unlike

Your Call

Dear Short Answers: If your boyfriend ignores Valentine’s Day, forgets your birthday and believes that anniversaries aren’t important — is it time to get a new boyfriend? No Presents Dear No: Well, if you are looking for trophies, then obviously you got the wrong guy.  We think things like kindness, humor and intelligence are more [...]

Get a Grip, Girls

Dear Short Answers: There is a woman in town who is a stay-at-home mom with 3 children. Every year (actually, 3 times a year), she throws the most lavish birthday parties for her kids. It makes the rest of us moms look like slackers. Every year, our own kids ask why they can’t have a [...]

We Could Write a Book on This One

Dear Short Answers: A woman at work just had a baby (her first) and decided that she wants to come back part-time. Actually, I think she’s getting paid full-time but she works part-time from home. I think this is massively unfair and if one person can work from home, we all should be able to [...]

Thanks for Your Concern

Dear Short Answers: What do you think is going to happen to all those gay people who are getting married when they get older? If they don’t have kids and their families have disowned them, who’s going to take care of them when they can’t take care of themselves? Family Man Dear Man: We have [...]

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