Dear Short Answers: What do you think of this whole transgender bathroom issue? I have been to a lot of places like restaurants that have only one bathroom and it’s used by both men and women. And you know what, the bathroom in my home is used by men and women.  What’s the big deal? [...]

Relationship Warantee

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I are getting separated after only 6 months of marriage. Is there a rule about returning wedding presents if the marriage lasts less than a year? Eve Dear Eve: Sounds like you have more serious matters to attend to than wedding gifts. Yes, probably 20th century ettiquette recommends that [...]

Good Luck

Dear Short Answers: My parents caught my older brother drinking beer and now they have grounded BOTH of us which is completely unfair. How can I convince them that HE is the evil one and not me?  I should not be punished for his behavior! Sad Sib Dear Sad: Ask them if you get a [...]

It’s the Team, Stupid!

Dear Short Answers: I recently started a new job and one of my co-workers likes to take credit for everything that I do and every idea that I have. I’ve tried to make it clear to my boss that these are my ideas but this guy is an expert at sucking up to the boss. [...]

If It Feels Creepy, It Is Creepy

Dear Short Answers: A friend has secretly confided in me that she is planning to leave her husband.  I don’t really know either of them very well but she has come to me for help in getting a job (we work in similar businesses) and a temporary apartment.  Normally, I would be glad to help [...]

Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Short Answers: I’m 28 years old and getting smothered by my mother. She calls me every day and asks a million questions.  She makes surprise visits where I work and brings cookies to my co-workers.  She sends me so many emails that I haven’t even read most of them.  I’ve tried to have a [...]

What a Wonderful World It Could Be

Dear Short Answers: Why is it important to have respect? James Dear James: It is important to have the respect for others because it contributes to your own sense of self-esteem. However, we think it is even more important to show respect to others, because it is the basis of our social contract. Like Unlike

The Department of Yuck

Dear Short Answers: My husband probably has the most disgusting habit I’ve ever seen but there is nothing I can do to stop him. Frank has a great deal of nose and ear hair and he is constantly “plucking” it out even in public.  I’ve begged him to do this ONLY in the privacy of [...]

Keeping It Simple

Dear Short Answers: I have several friends who have more than one email address. It’s confusing to me which address they use for which purpose so I usually just send an email to both addresses. I understand the business/personal rule that some people have.  But some of my friends have bizarre email rules like “please [...]

First World Problem

Dear Short Answers: I’m finding it very difficult to navigate this new era of “sexual” correctness. I grew up in an era when  it was perfectly acceptable to compliment a man or a woman on how they looked and a simple hug was not considered sexual harassment.  Is there an easy way to figure this [...]

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