In for a Dabble, In for a Dive

Dear Short Answers: How old was the youngest person you ever dated? Cradle Robber Dear Cradle: Surely you don’t mean us, personally? In general, we believe 10 years age difference is the legal limit for a long-term relationship, but we are presuming that both parties are at least over 21.  Smaller differences are more significant [...]

It’s Personal

Dear Short Answers: How many bras and underpants should one have at any one time? Joy Dear Joy: Well, there are many ways to think about this — but lets start with one for everyday of the week (labeled, or not, that’s a matter of taste) and work up or down from there. 1 person [...]


Dear Short Answers: When a person sends a thank-you note, are you supposed to send a note back?  To me, that seems stupid but sometimes when I send a thank-you note, I get a note back that says, “thank you for your very kind note.”  That kind of nonsense could go back & forth forever!!! [...]


Dear Short Answers: My partner and I are both over 60, gay and have no children.  When we were younger, all our friends were having kids so we didn’t see much of them and when we did, all they talked about was their children so that wasn’t very interesting.  When their kids grew up and [...]

Since You Asked

Dear Short Answers: What’s the best pick-up line to get a girl’s attention in a bar? Joe Dear Joe: “Tell me about you…”  Then listen! It’s a show stopper. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Wasting Her Time

Dear Short Answers: I have been going out with a girl for about two years and I get the feeling that she wants to start talking about marriage.  I’m not ready for marriage and I wouldn’t really consider it with her anyway.  Should I just keep ignoring her hints and change the subject?  Or do [...]

Truth Time

Dear Short Answers: I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and we are all over 50.  Some of my siblings have made bad financial, career and education choices in their lives and are paying the price for it now.  Several of them have asked for major “loans” from me.  And when I say “major” I [...]

Nothing Is Fair in Love or War

Dear Short Answers: My girlfriend and I decided to get married and started to plan the wedding about a year ago. As soon as we set the date, we put down deposits on a room, a caterer, a band, etc. Neither of us has much money so we decided to split everything 50/50. About a [...]

Too Late Now

Dear Short Answers: If you invite a lot of people to your house for a party but then decide that you don’t want to have a party after all, is there a nice way to cancel? Should I make up an excuse or admit that I just changed my mind? Don’t Want to Bother Dear [...]

Matter of Taste

Dear Short Answers: I try to be open-minded, but don’t you think that women SHOULD NOT get tattoos? It just looks slutty to me. Bill Dear Bill: Disagree  … we think they are sexy. Like Unlike

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