Virtue Is It’s Own Reward

Dear Short Answers: My neighbor recently went on vacation and hired a dog walker to come by twice a day to walk her two small dogs. After a couple of days the dog walker came to my house and asked it I could possibly walk the dogs in the morning because she was no longer [...]

Give Pitch a Chance

Dear Short Answers: I live in a small town that has a lot of amateur theatrical events. At some point or other, just about everybody I know is in a play or singing at a piano bar. Since I used to be a professional musician myself, I know how bad some of these singers are. [...]

Bystander at the Break-Up

Dear Short Answers: Two friends who I’ve know for a very long time have recently had a very contentious break up. I don’t really know who’s right and who’s wrong because I intend to stay friendly with both of them.  One of them, however, has decided to throw a “break up” party to celebrate their [...]

Nose Blind

Dear Short Answers: As my husband has gotten older (he’s in his 70s now), he has started to ignore his personal hygiene. He goes out in public with stains on his clothing and actually smells bad at times.  I’m sure it’s because he can’t see or smell as well as he used to so he [...]

If You Miss This, You Miss It All

Dear Short Answers: Why are relationships important? Hermit Dear Hermit: Relationships are not just important, they are what it’s all about. Not all of them are intimate, but all of them have  the possibility of enriching your life. Like Unlike

When It’s Off, It’s Still On

Dear Short Answers: Why do they make the lights on computers so bright?  When I go to bed at night, I need to put towels over my computer, printer, TV, scanner, modem, router and phone.  Even when they’re turned off, the lights are bright enough to land a plane.  Is this really necessary? Making Me [...]

Ready to “Glo”

Dear Short Answers: How long should it reasonably take a grown woman to get ready for a party?  My wife starts this complicated process around 5 PM and we’re ready to go out the door around 7:30PM!!!!  Isn’t that about 2 hours longer than necessary??? Irate Dear I: Why is this your issue? However long [...]

Free to Be You and Me

Dear Short Answers: When you’re having a big dinner party with several different tables, is it proper to split up married couples or should married couples sit together at the same table? Party Coming Dear Party: We tend split up couples … seems to work well. Everyone gets to tell their own story — without [...]

Behavior Modification

Dear Short Answers: A certain family member never gives gifts but seems to expect them from me. I just don’t feel like it this year. He will probably be miffed but I’m not in the mood.  Is that okay? Not Feeling It Dear Not feeling: Of course it’s okay! Sounds like you’ve trained one selfish [...]

Some Call It Slander

Dear Short Answers: A new vet recently moved to town and everybody seems to love him.  Unfortunately, I happen to know about some serious “indiscretions” that occurred in the last town he lived in.  These were of a sexual nature and had nothing to do with his skills as a vet.  I’m torn between letting [...]

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