A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Dear Short Answers: I used to be really close to this guy — we were good friends for years. For a variety of reasons, some having to do with me and mostly not, he told me that he had to put our relationship on hold for a little while. I agreed at the time.  More [...]

The Work of Friendship

Dear Short Answers: A friend of mine should have had my back — and didn’t.  I’m sure she didn’t see it that way and it will be hard to get her to understand. It makes me tired just thinking about the conversation. But I’m afraid that if I don’t talk to her about it, it [...]

Fashion Forward

Dear Short Answers: I’ve never been a particularly fashionable person but my 2017 New Year’s Resolution was to try harder this year. So I hired a fashion “consultant” to help me pick out clothes that were a bit trendier.  Unfortunately, I am starting to feel ridiculous — like the two women on “Absolutely Fabulous.”  This [...]

Friends Don’t Let Friends

Dear Short Answers: My friend and I were shopping last week at the mall and went we got home I found out that she had stolen a bra from one of the stores we were at.  I was shocked but she explained to me that she bought a lot of clothes there and that they [...]

And Don’t Tell Me to Take a Chill Pill

Dear Short Answers: Why is everyone so angry? We the People Dear People: Seriously, we think some people are angry because they feel very vulnerable right here in the USA. Others are angry because they have great empathy for those who are vulnerable. And some are angry because the current environment supports anger and does [...]

Transition Blues

Dear Short Answers: My husband retired 2 years ago and is making my life miserable.  The problem is that he can’t seem to do anything without me.  He follows me around like a lonely puppy and constantly asks me what I’m doing and where I’m going.  He’s not checking up on me, he just wants [...]

Suspend Disbelief

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I recently decided that we should start having a family.  But given the horrible state of the world today we are having second thoughts.  Do you think it is selfish of us to have a child when the world is in such turmoil? Mom2B Dear Mom2B: Just exactly when [...]

Moving Forward

Dear Short Answers: I don’t think that the major rift in my family over this past election is going to heal any time soon.  Any advice? Tense Dear Tense: Don’t confuse argument with principle.  Commitment is a matter of belief and action.  No where is it written that you must air your views in all [...]


Dear Short Answers: When he turned 65, my husband decided he was going to be brutally “honest” with everybody he knows.  This basically means that he criticizes everything and everybody.  When a waitress asks him if he enjoyed his dinner, he says, “I thought the fish was too dry and the vegetables just okay.”  When [...]

Married to the Blob

Dear Short Answers: How do you deal with a husband who is getting fatter and lazier as he gets older?  Do I keep pushing him to go to the gym and get out of the house?  Or do I finally just give up and find new friends and new ways to entertain myself? Still Active [...]

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