All Romance Is Complicated

Dear Short Answers: My mother claims to have fallen in love with an elderly gentleman (they are both in the 70s) who she met socially at a party. Both of them lost their spouses within the last year and both seem genuinely happy to be together. Even though they’ve only known each other for about [...]

Hands Out

Dear Short Answers: In the past week alone, I have received over a dozen invitations from friends to donate money to some lame-brained idea that they’ve put on Kickstarter. One person wants to write a book about Italy (who cares), somebody else wants to make a movie (double who cares?) and another one wants funding [...]

Secrets Can Be Costly

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have a wonderful relationship except for one thing — money.  I  work and earn good money,  but he wants to know where every penny goes and how much everything costs. I got so tired of it that I opened up a bank account of my own … so [...]

Easy One

Dear Short Answers: If a friend invites you to have dinner at a restaurant, what is the proper etiquette about who should pay? If it’s clearly a “friendly” dinner and not a “date”? Centsible Dear Cents: Split the bill or two separate checks — whichever you prefer. Like Unlike


Dear Short Answers: I have a very close friend who has always lived more lavishly than she could afford. Even though we advised her against it, many of her friends (including myself) benefited from her purchases – she bought us all wonderful Christmas gifts and paid for dinners and drinks whenever we went out. She [...]

Move It OUT

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I and our baby live with my parents so we can save money to buy a house. We both work and my mom takes care of our son. This has been great for almost 2 years but now my parents say they think we should pay them for child [...]

This Is Binary

Dear Short Answers: How do you politely turn down a request for a charitable donation from a very good friend? I’d like to help but I’ve never even met the the person they are raising money for. Asking me for a donation seems a bit presumptuous. Help Me Out Dear H: Just ignore it. If [...]

Getting Even

Dear Short Answers: I am a new widow and my married friends insist on paying for me when we go out to dinner. I am uncomfortable with this and have said so — to no avail. What do you suggest? Want to be Fair Dear Fair: There are many ways to compensate your friends.  If [...]

Don’t Pack Your Bags

Dear Short Answers: My mother has been very ill for the past year and now requires 24-hour care. I am currently unemployed and decided to move to Virginia where she lives and take care of her. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother who live far from home so everything will be my responsibility. I [...]

Contract Baby?

Dear Short Answers: My parents have always wanted grandchildren and have been pressuring me and my husband to have kids ever since we got married (which was 8 years ago). Frankly, I’d be happy to have kids but I don’t think we can afford it. Would it be wrong to tell my parents that we’ll [...]

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