Timely Query

Dear Short Answers: What is politics? Innocent Bystander Dear Innocent: Politics is the artful manipulation of any situation in service of one’s own agenda. Like Unlike

A Very Good Thing

Dear Short Answers: Why did Mahatma Gandhi want to teach children handicrafts? Joe P Dear Joe: Same reason we like to teach kids crafts.  It develops manual dexterity, a sense of pride when the task is completed, the possibility of sale if they do them well, a prideful connection with their own traditions — and [...]

Oh No, This Again

Dear Short Answers: Every one around me is gearing up for the holidays and I am so not feeling it!  I love my family and do my very best to stay in touch and hear their concerns, but the thought of all of them banging up against one another (not to mention all that work) [...]

Cents and Sensibility

Dear Short Answers: My daughter is turning 5 next month which is a very important event in my family (my parents were born in Japan).  We are going to Disney World to celebrate which is rather expensive for all of us but my parents want to pay for the trip.  I didn’t invite my in-laws [...]

Works Both Ways

Dear Short Answers: My mother (who is in her 60s, so she’s not ancient) refuses to use a cell phone for anything other than emergencies. She never answers it and doesn’t even know how to text. For me, this isn’t a huge problem but her grandkids don’t know how to communicate any other way and [...]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…

Dear Short Answers: My husband recently got a new job and we are planning to move to Charlotte, North Carolina. We have two kids (4 and 6) and we’re all very excited about the move. The problem is that my parents (who currently live only a few blocks away) are devastated that we are moving [...]

Contract Baby?

Dear Short Answers: My parents have always wanted grandchildren and have been pressuring me and my husband to have kids ever since we got married (which was 8 years ago). Frankly, I’d be happy to have kids but I don’t think we can afford it. Would it be wrong to tell my parents that we’ll [...]

The Basics

Dear Short Answers: I have 3 grandchildren who NEVER write thank you’s. I wouldn’t even object to an email or phone thank you.  My friends tell me not to bother buying for them, but I LOVE to do so….Birthday’s, Halloween, Valentines, etc.  I take a lot of time choosing exactly what they would like and [...]

Love and Kisses

Dear Short Answers: I have my 11 year old grandson over every Sunday. We have a great time, but my daughter has a million rules that I think are far too restrictive for an 11 year old. I follow the rules as best I can, but wonder if it is worth talking to her about. [...]

Live Close By, Visit Often

Dear Short Answers: I am getting ready to move out of my mother’s house. However, there are family issues that are preventing me from finally getting my own apartment. 1. My grandmother lives with us. She is 79 and growing senile. 2. I have a 4 year old brother who is a handful. My mother [...]

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