Don’t Ask, Never Tell

Dear Short Answers: I know that I shouldn’t have told him, but I admitted to my boy friend that I had sex with quite a few guys before I met him. Now, he can’t stop talking about it.  When we have sex, he asks me how he “rates.”  When we don’t have sex, he asks [...]

Where Were You, Back in the Day?

Dear Short Answers: Now that it seems like you can have sex with just about anybody you want, I’m beginning to question whether I made the right decision about marrying my husband. I had never experimented sexually and was a virgin when we got married. After 17 years of marriage, do you think it’s too [...]

Real Life with Real Wife

Dear Short Answers: Do you foresee a problem getting married to a woman I love but whose family I can’t stand? Groom-to-Be Dear Groom: If people married their in-laws … most wouldn’t. It is an issue, potentially a big one, that married people need to manage. Talk to your bride about her feelings and her [...]

The Timeline of Love Has Roundabouts

Dear Shortie: I just got a call today from a woman I don’t know very well to tell me that she and my ex of 6 years were getting intimate — and was it all right with me? I was impressed with her candor and heard her concern — she clearly wanted confirmation firsthand that [...]


Dear Short Answers: In a very romantic moment last week, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. Actually, he said “if I ask you to marry me, what would you say?’ Of course I said “yes” because I was thrilled. The problem is that he hasn’t mentioned it since. Do you think this was a [...]

Kid Stuff

Dear Short Answers: Two good friends of mine recently broke up after a 2-year relationship. Both of them seem angry at each other and are trying to get their friends to take sides. Each has basically said that if I see the other person, they won’t talk to me anymore. I like them both and [...]

Remember, This Has to Be a Dialogue

Dear Short Answers: When I got married 10 years ago, my husband and both did not want to have children. But now, I have changed my mind and really would like to have a child. How can I get my husband to change his mind? Time is running out!! Wanabe Mom Dear Mom: You are [...]

A Blessing

Dear Short Answers: Since my mother died several years ago, I’ve found out all sorts of amazing things about her that I never knew. She had a child before she was married who she gave up for adoption. She had an alcoholic father who she never talked about. She dropped out of high school to [...]

When a Deal Isn’t a Deal

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I have 2 children (4 and 6). The older child is starting first grade next week. We had decided years ago that we were only going to have 2 children and, as far as I’m concerned, that’s still the right decision. The problem is that my wife is starting [...]

The Ring Thing

Dear Short Answers: The engagement is over. Am I obligated to return the ring? DK Dear DK: We think if it is a family ring, then it definitely must be returned. If it was a ring purchased for you, then perhaps you could keep it.  But why would you want to? 1 person likes this [...]

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