The Road Less Traveled

Dear Short Answers: Why are colleges so competitive? Under-dog Dear Dog: Some are, some aren’t. The most competitive colleges may not be right for you. Define your own game. 2 people like this post. Unlike

How to Build a Future

Dear Short Answers: What should I do for a career? How should I get started? Drifting Dear Drifting: We don’t know what you should do but here are things to consider: 1) What do you really like to do?  Work with people?  Work by yourself?  Work with animals? 2) What are your natural abilities? 3) […]

Geography Lesson

Dear Short Answers: I am starting to apply for college for next year and my parents want me to go to a school nearby. But I desperately want to go as far away as possible. Would it be wrong if I just didn’t apply to any local schools? Then they couldn’t make me go. I […]

Sharing the Load

Dear Short Answers: I dropped out of college 4 years ago after only one year so that I could get married. I desperately want my degree but my wife says that I need to stay home with her and the baby and that I can’t go to night school. She says I am selfish.  Should […]

Learning How to Learn

Dear Short Answers: I am debating about going back to school at age 44.  I can do my studies in 2 years online or in 4 years ina  classroom. I am dreading chemistry and I am frightened of computers.  What should I do? Stuck Dear Stuck: Your fear and loathing is your biggest obstacle — […]

Stand and Deliver

Dear Short Answers: My son is finishing his second year at a small liberal arts college. It is, of course, expensive and while he is doing passably well, he is not close to working up to his potential judged by his high school grades and test scores. What effort is good enough to justify the […]

Your Paper Face

Dear Short Answers: A friend is graduating pretty soon from with an MBA; the first in her family to earn an advanced degree. Would personalized stationery be a good gift, even in the age of Twitter and Facebook? Want to do right thing Dear Right: A splendid idea.  Personalized stationary can be very cool — […]