Your House, Your Rules

Dear Short Answers: What do you do about friends who have dogs and bring them EVERYWHERE!! I love dogs but it just strikes me as a bit weird that some people can’t be separated from their pets for a minute.  They take them shopping, they take them on vacation, and if possible, they take them [...]

We Cry “Foul”

Dear Short Answers: I do a lot of traveling and like to take my dog with me.  My dog is a little too big to stow under the seat on airplanes so I got a “Service Dog” certificate that lets me keep him at my feet without having to put him in a pet carrier. [...]

Gone to the Dogs

Dear Short Answers: I have two dogs that I love very much.  Now that summer is coming, I am getting invitations to visit people at their summer homes. I always ask if I can bring the dogs and if they say “no,” I decline and don’t go. It’s not a big deal to me But [...]

Yackity Yack/Bow Wow

Dear Short Answers: We live in a neighborhood where there are 20 plus dogs who yip, yap, yelp and bark constantly. We get no peace trying to enjoy our deck and yard. The neighbors show no respect for taking their dogs in when they start barking. Some even leave for the day and leave the [...]

Get a Dog

Dear Short Answers: We just returned from a excellent week away only to find that the cat sitter lost one of our two cats and somehow left the other cat and our entire apartment infested with fleas! We paid her $200! I want to publicly humiliate her. My boy friend thinks I am over-reacting. What [...]

Doggie Don’ts

Dear Short Answers: I have a dog that is diabetic and on a very strict diet. Between special food and insulin injections, he is doing pretty good. The problem is well-meaning dog-lovers who insist on “sneaking” him a treat. There are shop owners who have treats behind their counters. The other dog owners in the [...]

Another Doggone Dog Lover

Dear Short Answer: My brother is married with three young children. His wife and kids talked him into buying a puppy. The $1,000 that they paid for the dog apparently wasn’t enough. They now spend more on the dog than they do on the kids. I know exactly how much my brother and his wife [...]


Dear Short Answers: At what point can I steal my neighbor’s dog? They pay absolutely no attention to it. It’s either inside all day whining or outside tied up. I don’t think it’s ever been bathed. I checked and it doesn’t have a license. But when I called the local shelter they told me that [...]

Two Cats Are Worse than One

Dear Short Answers: I am thinking about moving in with my new boyfriend but there is a big problem — he has a cat. And I hate cats. I jokingly told him that cats are for lesbians anyway (we are gay). He glared at me — said nothing — and got another cat the next [...]

The Case for Crates

Dear Short Answers: Why does my dog always want to play when it’s night time?  I’m trying to go to bed and he’s bouncing around with a toy in his mouth.  And then he starts crying if i don’t!  And it’s not like I don’t play with him and take him for walks in the [...]