Hard to Say

Dear Short Answers: I have a neighbor who is so straight and so married (he has 5 kids) that I never gave it another thought (having sex with him I mean). But all of a sudden, he has started to come over to have a beer or just talk. When I asked him why, he [...]

What Grown Ups Do

Dear Short Answers: I am gay and have recently started dating a very nice man. I only found out through other people, not him, that he had been married to a woman. I’m not surprised, because he isn’t as interested (or as good at) sex as all my previous boyfriends.  I’m thinking that maybe he [...]

Caveat Emptor

Dear Short Answers: I recently started dating a woman and we seem to really hit it off.  But I just found out that she is living with (and I really mean LIVING with) another woman.  She has invited me back to her house and hinted that we might get into a three-some with her “roommate.”  [...]

Closet Case

Dear Short Answers: For some reason I seem to be much more attractive to other men than I am to women. Really good-looking guys flirt with me while women play so hard to get that I give up before I get anywhere. I’ve had sex with guys and it wasn’t great but it was better [...]

Less Said

Dear Short Answers: If you think your son is gay (he’s only 12 but I can tell), what’s the best course of action? Do I wait until he says something to me? Or do I encourage him to confront this issue? Mom Dear Mom: Relax. If your home is open and accepting he will “confront” [...]

Don’t Assume

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has started to dress really, really gay (I don’t know any other way to say it). He spends more money on clothes than I do. He has his eyebrows plucked and his toenails done. He shaves his chest and wears skin tight clothes. It’s okay with me if he’s gay [...]

It’s about HUMAN Rights

Dear Short Answers: If you march in a gay pride parade, does it mean you are gay? Just Asking Dear Asking: Absolutely not! Marching for Pride means you support the prideful struggle for equality before the law for gay as well as straight people. Like Unlike

Busy Bodies

Dear Short Answers: There are two people at work who are sleeping together — absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt I know that this is true. The problem is that “she” is married and “he” has a gay husband. This is surely going to end badly. What can I do to help? Very [...]

Keep It Simple

Dear Short Answers: There is a new woman who joined our office who is absolutely delightful. She is smart, well-dressed, and probably in her 50s. The problem is that she seems to have no social life AT ALL. I would love to set her up on a date with one of my friends but I [...]

Equal Opportunity

Der Short Answers: It really pisses me off that people hold gay marriages to a higher standard. Gay friends of mine who were briefly married are now seeking divorce and the whole town is buzzing about it. Straight people are rolling their eyes and gay people seem embarrassed. Some marriages don’t work. Is this new [...]

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