Simple Addition

Dear Short Answers: Why are gay men so much more attractive than straight men? DJM Dear DJM: Grooming+Fitness+Fashion = Attractive 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Never Explain

Dear Short Answers: My wife left me a few years ago and it was pretty devastating at the time.  My best friend was a big source of support and since he was in the midst of breaking up with his boy friend, I suggested that he move in with me.  I know that we make [...]

Hard to Say

Dear Short Answers: I have a neighbor who is so straight and so married (he has 5 kids) that I never gave it another thought (having sex with him I mean). But all of a sudden, he has started to come over to have a beer or just talk. When I asked him why, he [...]

What Grown Ups Do

Dear Short Answers: I am gay and have recently started dating a very nice man. I only found out through other people, not him, that he had been married to a woman. I’m not surprised, because he isn’t as interested (or as good at) sex as all my previous boyfriends.  I’m thinking that maybe he [...]

Caveat Emptor

Dear Short Answers: I recently started dating a woman and we seem to really hit it off.  But I just found out that she is living with (and I really mean LIVING with) another woman.  She has invited me back to her house and hinted that we might get into a three-some with her “roommate.”  [...]

Closet Case

Dear Short Answers: For some reason I seem to be much more attractive to other men than I am to women. Really good-looking guys flirt with me while women play so hard to get that I give up before I get anywhere. I’ve had sex with guys and it wasn’t great but it was better [...]

Less Said

Dear Short Answers: If you think your son is gay (he’s only 12 but I can tell), what’s the best course of action? Do I wait until he says something to me? Or do I encourage him to confront this issue? Mom Dear Mom: Relax. If your home is open and accepting he will “confront” [...]

Don’t Assume

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has started to dress really, really gay (I don’t know any other way to say it). He spends more money on clothes than I do. He has his eyebrows plucked and his toenails done. He shaves his chest and wears skin tight clothes. It’s okay with me if he’s gay [...]

It’s about HUMAN Rights

Dear Short Answers: If you march in a gay pride parade, does it mean you are gay? Just Asking Dear Asking: Absolutely not! Marching for Pride means you support the prideful struggle for equality before the law for gay as well as straight people. Like Unlike

Busy Bodies

Dear Short Answers: There are two people at work who are sleeping together — absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt I know that this is true. The problem is that “she” is married and “he” has a gay husband. This is surely going to end badly. What can I do to help? Very [...]

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