Shelve It

Dear Short Answers: My husband’s family is visiting for a whole week. I really knocked myself out this year with holiday preparations but I don’t think they really appreciate it. I feel resentful — any advice? Trying to Be Good Dear Trying: Try harder. You’ve already committed — don’t blow it in the 9th. Like [...]

Risky Business

Dear Short Answers: At a family dinner, my 45 year old sister-in-law proudly shared with me that the new wine glasses were stolen by her during her employer’s Christmas party (6 glasses in total). Her risky behavior and dishonestly have been weighing on me especially since she handles her father’s finances. My husband and his [...]

Importance of Being Equal

Dear Short Answers: My husband’s mother comes from the old school where a wife was completely subservient to her husband.  So despite the fact that I make just as much money as my husband does, she treats me like a second-class person.  I wouldn’t mind this so much because we don’t see her very often [...]

Real Life with Real Wife

Dear Short Answers: Do you foresee a problem getting married to a woman I love but whose family I can’t stand? Groom-to-Be Dear Groom: If people married their in-laws … most wouldn’t. It is an issue, potentially a big one, that married people need to manage. Talk to your bride about her feelings and her [...]

Family Affair

Dear Short Answers: My new sister-in-law is extremely attractive and isn’t afraid to show it off (show them BOTH off, if you know what I mean). The other day, I made a funny remark about the size of her breasts (I knew she could hear me) and she became incensed and stormed out of the [...]

Out of the Closet

Dear Short Answers: An engaged friend took both moms to shop for the bridal gown. The groom’s mom took pictures of the chosen dress and is passing them around to family and friends. The bride is devastated that her gown is no longer a secret. What should she do? Friend of the Bride Dear FOB: [...]

Family Feeling

Dear Short Answers: What do you do if you really can’t stand your spouse’s family. I mean really totally absolutely hate them and can’t stand to be in the same room with them. And, believe me, I have very good reasons for this. If I tell them what I feel, they will never ask me [...]

When In-Law Means Out-Law

Dear Short Answers: My mother-in-law (Maggie) is one of the meanest people I’ve ever known. Her son and I had a fabulous marriage despite her (unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago). Just last week, Maggie died and I am amazed at the comments and notes I have received. Friends (and even close [...]

Buckle Your Seat Belts

Dear Short Answers: Our son is getting married this summer. His fiance is a responsible girl but extremely self-centered. We have a very close relationship with our son and we don’t want to lose that. We are fearful her”me first” attitude will rub off on him. How can we best deal with this awkward situation? [...]

Sad on the Sideline

Dear Short Answers: I have an opposite in-law problem. My husband is an only child and his parents have barely any relationship with him. It pains me to watch him continually get hurt by their lack of interest. There have been no fights or big issues, they just don’t seem to be interested. It’s extremely [...]