Study Chess, Ladies

Dear Short Answers: What are the origins of women’s oppression? Trying to Understand Dear  Trying: This is a subject of much speculation and scholarship. Our two cents: Very clever move by men in dominating most of the world’s religions. Goddess cultures (and goddesses) were eclipsed … and the rest is HIS-story. 1 person likes this [...]

Let It Be

Dear Short Answers: I think I’ve lost a friend. We worked together for 20 years and after she left the company, no matter what, we would get together for dinner around our birthdays each year and an occasional get together. Over the last two months, I have reached out four times to set up plans [...]

Diplomacy Can Avoid War

Dear Short Answers: My husband has started to take this whole environmental consciousness thing too far. He refused to use plastic wrap. He saves every scrap of aluminum foil and reuses it dozens of times (until I throw it out because it’s gotten go gross). He flushes the toilet ONCE A DAY (it’s disgusting). He [...]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: I feel like I know what you are going to say but here goes: I have a friend who has a long history of two year enthusiasm’s – then she moves on to something else leaving many people befuddled. She seems to like the struggle of beginnings but not the day-to-day slog [...]

A Matter of Belief

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that everyone has a purpose in life? And if so, how do you know what it is? Searching Dear Searching: Do we believe everyone has a pre-determined purpose in life? No – that’s the hard part. You have to find purpose for yourself. There are many roads to take. [...]

Don’t Get Us Started

Dear Short Answers: I kept putting off buying Christmas presents until finally it was too late and I didn’t actually buy any gifts for anyone this year. Now I’m feeling guilty. Should I buy presents when everything goes on sale and tell people that is why I procrastinated? Or do I just ignore the whole [...]

You Play, You Pay

Dear Short Answers: I recently found a website called that gives detailed information about almost everybody — even their ages. I posted this on my Facebook page with a couple of links to specific people I know who are particularly sensitive about their age. I guess I should have predicted they would be furious [...]

Cut the Crap

Dear Short Answers: I was invited to a dinner party at the home of someone I really can’t stand. I know that dinner parties are a lot of work and I feel guilty about accepting. Should I make up an excuse not to go so that somebody else (someone who really LIKES the host) can [...]

Welcome Back!

Dear Short Answers: I am recently back in the dating world after a long and rocky marriage finally ended. What is the rule these days about who pays for dinner? Is it always the man? Is it always split? Or does the person who did the asking and picked the restaurant pick up the tab? [...]

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Dear Short Answers: There is a noise that sounds like a baseball hitting the roof every time I stop my car… is this bad? Living dangerously? Dear Living: We think you meant to contact Click and Clack @  –  but are you sure it isn’t a baseball? Like Unlike

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