“I Want to Be Alone”

Dear Short Answers: I have a neighbor who is too encroaching. Now he says he’d like to start going to the gym with me. I want to be on good terms, but I’m not interested in this. I’d also like more privacy whenever I’m outside just going to and from my car. This is a [...]

Let It Be

Dear Short Answers: I think I’ve lost a friend. We worked together for 20 years and after she left the company, no matter what, we would get together for dinner around our birthdays each year and an occasional get together. Over the last two months, I have reached out four times to set up plans [...]

Not a Party Girl

Dear Short Answers: I absolutely hate going to parties and had the bad luck to fall in love with a guy who LOVES parties. I prefer a quiet dinner with a couple of friends and maybe a movie or TV. Todd prefers a noisy crowd with lots to drink. I’ve tried but I can’t bear [...]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: I feel like I know what you are going to say but here goes: I have a friend who has a long history of two year enthusiasm’s – then she moves on to something else leaving many people befuddled. She seems to like the struggle of beginnings but not the day-to-day slog [...]

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Dear Short Answers: An associate of mine is cruising for a bruising at work. I think she knows she is in trouble but her response is to back away from it rather than ask our boss how she can fix things. Should I tell her what I think? I’m afraid she will think EVERYONE is [...]

A Home Not a Hothouse

Dear Short Answers: A number of my friends have started using those new electronic cigarettes. I realize that they don’t emit any smoke and are safe for other people to be around. But I still find them annoying and don’t want my children to think that they’re okay to use since they still, as far [...]

Noise Pollution

Dear Short Answers: Is it wrong to encourage people to get a divorce? I have two close friends who argue and bicker and bitch about each other 24 hours a day. No one can stand to be in the same room with the 2 of them. How do we separate the two of them for [...]

Ego Needs

Dear Short Answers: My boss takes credit for everything I do at work. How do I make him stop and at least get credit for the things I do? So Unfair Dear Unfair: On the most basic level, your job is to make your BOSS look good.  On the other hand, you could try telling [...]

No Winning Ticket, Bunky?

Dear Short Answers: Do you think some people are lucky and some are unlucky? A Loser Dear L: Although we’d all love to think that we are in control of our own lives, it is patently obvious that some are dealt a better hand than others.  How one plays the hand that is dealt is [...]

Too Much Information

Dear Short Answers: My boss talks too much. He tells me more than I want to hear about his marriage and his brother and his parents. I’m so bored I could throw up. How do I shut this down? SJ Dear SJ: The polite thing to do is to try to explain that this kind [...]

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