What Grown Ups Do

Dear Short Answers: I am gay and have recently started dating a very nice man. I only found out through other people, not him, that he had been married to a woman. I’m not surprised, because he isn’t as interested (or as good at) sex as all my previous boyfriends.  I’m thinking that maybe he [...]

Unjoyful Combination

Dear Short Answers: Is it okay to be a lesbian if you don’t really like the sex part but just really, really hate all men? Just True Dear Just: No. Disliking “the sex part” and hating men does not add up to lesbian. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Passion Reviewed

Dear Short Answers: I have been sexually active for over 10 years and probably had sex with about a dozen different men. But to be totally honest, I don’t really like it. How do I find out if the problem is MINE or the other person’s? I don’t think that I’m frigid or a lesbian [...]

The Drink of Water Theory

Dear Short Answers: Why are women so insistent their husbands and boyfriends ONLY have sex with them. It’s not like sex is a big deal to most men. Wouldn’t most marriages be a lot happier if men could fool around on the side???? Looking for More Dear Looking: When we were young, and students of [...]

Rainy Day Activity

Dear Short Answers: My husband is grumpy because we are on an expensive beach holiday and its raining. What should I do? Grumpy Too Dear G2: Try  a little “tenderness” to warm up the day. Like Unlike

Groovin’ on a Summer Afternoon

Dear Short Answers: My partner just caught me masturbating in the middle of the afternoon.  (The mood came upon me!) I’m sure it hurt his feelings and now I feel really guilty. Any advice? Ironically, the word I need to type to submit this question is “shame.” Help Dear Help: We say “no shame, these [...]

As Old as You Feel

Dear Short Answers: A good friend of mine divorced her husband a couple of years ago and has just starting dating again. I am happy that she is enjoying herself but she is acting like a teenager in heat — even though she is well into her 60s!!!! She makes out in public. She has [...]

Old game/New Rules

Dear Short Answers: I have a very young friend at work who has started to get very affection toward me — like putting his hand on my leg during a meeting or giving me a hug when we say hello or goodbye.  I am 52 and he is probably in his late 20s.  I can’t [...]

Sounds Good to Us

Dear Short Answers: How do I get my wife more interested in watching porn with me? I find it really turns me on and I’d like to share this experience with her. Excited Dear E: Just tell her. It really turns you on and the absolute very best would be sharing. Like Unlike

The Lady or the Tiger or a Nap?

Dear Short Answers: After 20 years of marriage, how do I tell my spouse that I’d like to have sex with other women? It has nothing to do with her but as I get older, I feel like I haven’t explored enough sexually and time is running out. Should I  do this secretly or do [...]

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