Equal Rights

Dear Short Answers: Can dogs and cats be gay? Inquiring Mind Dear Inquiring: Yes they can! Like Unlike

Wrong Issue

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have had dogs our entire married life but now that we are retired I would like to travel more and taking dogs with us is not always a good option. As our current dogs get older and more frail, my husband wants to get a new puppy but […]

2 Plus 1?

Dear Short Answers: About 6 months ago, I started volunteering at the local animal shelter and go there 2 or 3 times a week to play with and walk the dogs.  They often need temporary foster homes especially if a dog needs medical care and a quieter environment to recover in.  I promised my husband […]

It Could Happen

Dear Short Answers: My mother is moving into an assisted living facility and cannot take her two dogs with her.  She has asked me to take care of them but my husband refuses to let me do that. He’s not allergic to dogs or anything like that, he just doesn’t like pets.  I think that […]

We Cry “Foul”

Dear Short Answers: I do a lot of traveling and like to take my dog with me.  My dog is a little too big to stow under the seat on airplanes so I got a “Service Dog” certificate that lets me keep him at my feet without having to put him in a pet carrier. […]

When NOT Is Absolutely Good Enough

Dear Short Answers: Is it wrong not to go to visit a friend who is in the hospital? Hospitals make me very nervous and depressed. Can’t I just send a note or flowers? Don’t Want to Go Dear Don’t Want To: It is absolutely NOT necessary to go to the hospital. Some of us actually […]

Gone to the Dogs

Dear Short Answers: I have two dogs that I love very much.  Now that summer is coming, I am getting invitations to visit people at their summer homes. I always ask if I can bring the dogs and if they say “no,” I decline and don’t go. It’s not a big deal to me But […]


Dear Short Answers: Unfortunately, my dog Ricky recently died. Of course, I am terribly upset but I know that time will pass and I will feel better — and maybe even get a new puppy. My problem is that I try to put Ricky out of my mind but he is constantly there because “Ricky” […]

A Biased Response

Dear Short Answers: I love dogs. I grew up with dogs. The time spent without a dog in my life is diminished because of it. Even bad dogs are better than no dogs. My girl friend says its not fair to get a dog because we both work. I want a dog. Bow Wow Dear […]

Not Seasonal

Dear Short Answers: My dog is getting fat. Maybe it’s winter weight? Ron Dear Ron: The answer is less food, more exercise.  Just like for the rest of us. Like Unlike

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