Pretty to Think So

Dear Short Answers: Don’t you think thin people just have a faster metabolism than the rest of us? Zoftig Dear Z: Sorry darling, mostly thin people eat less and exercise more. Like Unlike

Teach Your Children Well

Dear Short Answers: How do you get your children to eat properly when you’re not around to monitor their behavior? Mom Dear Mom: Teach them to make good choices and expect that it probably isn’t going to happen whenever they can get away with it. Sorry. Like Unlike

Leave This One Alone

Dear Short Answers: There is a couple that lives down the street from us that is very, very heavy. I would probably call them obese. Obviously, I have never said anything to them about this – they certainly know how much they weigh. But I have noticed recently that their children (who are about 4 [...]

The Answer Is “No”

Dear Short Answer: Is it possible to drink a lot and still lose weight? Hoping Dear Hoping: Look at it another way — you will certainly lose more weight if you drink “a lot less” (all other things remaining equal). Like Unlike

The Way It Is

Dear Short Answers: What is the best way to lose weight? There are so many programs, pills, diets and books — I can’t figure it out. Desperate Dear D: Eat Less, Exercise More. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Not Seasonal

Dear Short Answers: My dog is getting fat. Maybe it’s winter weight? Ron Dear Ron: The answer is less food, more exercise.  Just like for the rest of us. Like Unlike

Are You Kidding?

Dear Short Answers: My wife constantly asks me if she looks fat.  She is a little fat. What should I say? Hubby Dear Hubby: Just say “no.”  This is not a request for constructive commentary. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels

Dear Short Answers: Now that the holidays are here, I am starting to panic about all the food that is going to be EVERYWHERE. I lost 50 pounds last year and I am desperate to keep it off. I’m tempted to decline every holiday invitation that I get but that will just make me more [...]

Made for Each Other

Dear Short Answers: How do you recognize carbohydrates? B. Dear B: We recognize carbs by their easy relationship with butts and bellies. Like Unlike

Blame Julia

Dear Short Answers: When throwing a dinner party, how much do I really have to pay attention to everyone’s dietary restrictions? Between the gluten-free people, the dairy-free people, the fat-free people, the salt-free people, the sugar-free people, the vegetarians and the vegans, I don’t know what to cook anymore … steamed vegetables? What’s the answer? [...]

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