Dear Short Answers: There is a new woman at work who dresses in a very inappropriate way. The problem is that she dresses TOO WELL!! I work in a casual work environment and she dresses in fancy designer suits and expensive shoes. She’s making the rest of us girls look like slobs. How do I [...]

Half Right

Dear Short Answers: As a parent of two children (an 8-year old girl and a 10-year old boy), I am sick and tired of the EVERY KID IS SPECIAL nonsense that is so popular today. Every kid DOES NOT deserve an award just for showing up. How do I get them prepared for the real [...]

Pretty to Think So

Dear Short Answers: Don’t you think thin people just have a faster metabolism than the rest of us? Zoftig Dear Z: Sorry darling, mostly thin people eat less and exercise more. Like Unlike

Leave This One Alone

Dear Short Answers: There is a couple that lives down the street from us that is very, very heavy. I would probably call them obese. Obviously, I have never said anything to them about this – they certainly know how much they weigh. But I have noticed recently that their children (who are about 4 [...]

Never Mix, Never Worry

Dear Short Answers: What is the etiquette for inviting a divorced couple (along with their new significant others) to a dinner party?  I like them both and would love to meet their new partners but I’m not sure how to handle this.  I don’t want to ruin a good party if they start arguing or [...]

National News

Dear Short Answers: Is there a way to help a friend with chronic obesity? It’s killing her. A Friend Dear Friend: Never has this problem been so much a part of the dialogue.  The information is out there. You can’t help unless she asks. Like Unlike

Not Seasonal

Dear Short Answers: My dog is getting fat. Maybe it’s winter weight? Ron Dear Ron: The answer is less food, more exercise.  Just like for the rest of us. Like Unlike

We’re with Your Wife on this One

Dear Short Answers: I used to ski a lot until my knees gave out and then I had to stop. A friend recently suggested that I try snowboarding instead. My wife can’t stop laughing. She says that I will look ridiculous on the slopes with all the “boarder” kids (I am well past 50). At [...]

High or Mighty?

Dear Short Answers: I huff and puff and breathe very hard when I mountain bike with my wife at 9,000 feet and she is in the lead. Is it just the altitude or is it my wife? Signed, Anonymous and out of breath Dear Anon: Sounds like you think it’s a bit of both.  Are [...]

Thinness Is a Drug

Dear Short Answers: I lost 5 pounds last week and I am happier than I’ve been in a year.  Is this crazy? So Thin, So Beautiful Dear T&B: We’ve been there and understand the high. But know this: 5 pounds in one week is probably not sustainable.  Enjoy it while you can, try to keep [...]

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