Dear Short Answers: I work really hard at child care, elder care and service to my community. I serve on the Board of Education in my town which is endlessly time consuming. I really like what I do but because I don’t get a pay check, I feel like my friends think my responsibilities are [...]

Back in the Saddle

Dear Short Answers: What’s the right amount of time to start dating again after a very nasty break-up? My friends tell me to slow down — but I think I’m ready!! (It’s only been a couple of months). What do you think? Ready to Roll Dear Ready: The right time is whenever you think it’s [...]

Sharing the Pain

Dear Short Answers: Should I tell my friend I’m depressed? Don’t Want to Be a Downer Dear Downer: Of course you should talk about it! Your friend might even be helpful! And if your friend says your problem is above their pay grade — seek  a professional. Like Unlike

Let It Be

Dear Short Answers: I think I’ve lost a friend. We worked together for 20 years and after she left the company, no matter what, we would get together for dinner around our birthdays each year and an occasional get together. Over the last two months, I have reached out four times to set up plans [...]

Stay Away From Drunks

Dear Short Answers: A couple years ago, I had a stalker. I took him to court. I didn’t win the court case so I don’t have a restraining order but he still left me alone after that. He never would do anything to physically harm me, but he would mentally harass me. Fast forward to [...]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: I feel like I know what you are going to say but here goes: I have a friend who has a long history of two year enthusiasm’s – then she moves on to something else leaving many people befuddled. She seems to like the struggle of beginnings but not the day-to-day slog [...]

Try a Little Tenderness

Dear Short Answers: One of my closest friends lost her husband last year. Ever since, she has turned into the rudest, meanest, most thoughtless person I know. For the first six months, we all ignored it and tried to sympathize with her loss. But I think enough is enough. Losing a spouse is a horrible [...]

No Issue

Dear Short Answers: I lent an expensive necklace to a friend to wear to a party right after Thanksgiving. I didn’t make a big deal about its value because I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. However, she has not yet returned it. Do you think she might have misunderstood and thought it was [...]

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Dear Short Answers: An associate of mine is cruising for a bruising at work. I think she knows she is in trouble but her response is to back away from it rather than ask our boss how she can fix things. Should I tell her what I think? I’m afraid she will think EVERYONE is [...]

Lighten Up

Dear Short Answers: After a few drinks at a dinner party last week, we played the “what would you do if you only had an hour left to live” game. Of course, everybody said they would spend it with their spouses and kids – except my husband. He said he would have sex with the [...]

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