Caveat Emptor

Dear Short Answers: I recently started dating a woman and we seem to really hit it off.  But I just found out that she is living with (and I really mean LIVING with) another woman.  She has invited me back to her house and hinted that we might get into a three-some with her “roommate.”  [...]

Don’t Get Us Started

Dear Short Answers: I kept putting off buying Christmas presents until finally it was too late and I didn’t actually buy any gifts for anyone this year. Now I’m feeling guilty. Should I buy presents when everything goes on sale and tell people that is why I procrastinated? Or do I just ignore the whole [...]

Life Is Worthwhile if You Give It a Go

Dear Short Answers: I am going on my first date tomorrow since I split with an ex of many years.  I am filled with hope — and  tidings of comfort and joy. Am I crazy? A Believer Dear believer: Yep. You are crazy and wonderful, and you are, in our opinion, likely to be very [...]

‘Tis the Season

Dear Short Answers: I am just not in the mood for Christmas this year. Is it okay for me to just ignore everything — no parties, no presents, no decorations? Or do you think I need to force myself to participate because I’ll be sorry if I dont? Hummm Bug Dear Hummm: There is a [...]

Dickensian Christmas

Dear Short Answers: I run a small business with 6 employees. Business was not great this year and I’m pretty sure that I will need to lay-off one employee. I think they all know this because it’s pretty obvious that we don’t have enough customers to keep everyone busy. Is it better to lay off [...]

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Dear Short Answers: I know that Christmas is a long way off, but I am already starting to dread the parties, and the presents and all the family obligations. And all those questions about why I’m not married, why I don’t have kids, why I don’t even have a boyfriend. Would it be wrong to [...]

Daddy Daycare at the Beach

Dear Short Answers: My wife is planning a beach vacation with 3 of her best friends from college. Everybody is married and everybody has young kids. The girls have rented a big house where we are all going to stay. It may sound fun to her but I am having second thoughts. From her conversations [...]

Rainy Day Activity

Dear Short Answers: My husband is grumpy because we are on an expensive beach holiday and its raining. What should I do? Grumpy Too Dear G2: Try  a little “tenderness” to warm up the day. Like Unlike

The World According to Hallmark

Dear Short Answers: A very good friend invited me to a fancy dinner party at her home for Valentine’s Day. I thought it was a wonderful idea since my husband died this past year and I knew that Valentine’s Day was going to be hard for me. A few days before the dinner, my friend [...]

Modern Love Rituals

Dear Short Answers: Do I have to buy a present and go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day? I hate having the calendar tell me when I’m supposed express affection.  I feel like a lemming – with roses in my teeth. Reluctant Sweetheart Dear RS: We hear you.  And the same goes for Mother’s Day [...]

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