Dangerous Liaisons

Dear Short Answers: I made the mistake of having sex with someone who works for me.  It was only once and we’ve never discussed it again.  But now, I am being forced to cut back on the size of my department and the person in question should be one of the people let go.  But [...]

Damn the Torpedoes?

Dear Short Answers: My boss has made some very flirtatious remarks to me and has come very close to asking me out on a date.  But every time I think he’s going to do it, he stops himself and says “of course I can’t ask you on a date because we have rules about that [...]


Dear Short Answers: A couple of weeks ago, one of the guys I work with was fired. We’re not really friends but we hang out in the same places so we know a lot of the same people. He begged me not to tell anyone that he got fired because he didn’t want any of [...]

The Power of Silence

Dear Short Answers: I share an office with a girl at work who used to be a fairly good friend but now I absolutely can’t stand to be around her. She talks to me all day long, bothers me when I’m trying to concentrate and is a general pain in the butt. I’ve talked to [...]

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Dear Short Answers: An associate of mine is cruising for a bruising at work. I think she knows she is in trouble but her response is to back away from it rather than ask our boss how she can fix things. Should I tell her what I think? I’m afraid she will think EVERYONE is [...]

A Guy Who Can’t Hear “No”

Dear Short Answers: There is a guy at work who has asked me out about a hundred times even though I keep saying “no.” He just won’t give up and I don’t know what to do. He makes sure that we work on projects together every chance he gets and walks by my desk every [...]

Ego Needs

Dear Short Answers: My boss takes credit for everything I do at work. How do I make him stop and at least get credit for the things I do? So Unfair Dear Unfair: On the most basic level, your job is to make your BOSS look good.  On the other hand, you could try telling [...]

Down Boy

Dear Short Answers: There is a person at work who has a very morbid sense of humor that I find really creepy. One thing he does is keep a big list on his wall of famous people who have committed suicide along with a picture of them and the way they did it – a [...]

Not Your Sister’s Keeper

Dear Short Answers: A woman where I work is expecting a baby in a couple of months and is planning to take the maximum amount of paid maternity leave – which I think is 12 weeks. Because of the way the system works, she has to agree to return to work in order to get [...]

Equal Rights

Dear Short Answers: There is a person at work who has basically the same job responsibilities that I have. The problem is that I am single and she is married with 3 young children. Every week, she always has a different, long involved story about having to take her kids to the doctor, or drive [...]

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