Singing to the Choir

Dear Short Answers: I have been singing with my church choir for over 10 years and I think I have a pretty decent voice. We recently got a new choir director who has decided that he wants everyone in the choir to “audition.” I’m not good under that kind of pressure and I don’t feel […]

National Health Emergency

Dear Short Answers: Last week when I was in the grocery store, I saw a mother with her four very, very fat children. As she loaded her cart with candy and sugary cereals and potato chips, I wanted so badly to say something to her but I didn’t.  I am still thinking about it and […]

Try Politics

Dear Short Answers: Is there any way to get old people to stop talking about themselves so much?  I’m sick and tired of hearing what my 70-year old neighbor had for breakfast and how long he had to wait at the post office.  Don’t old people have anything interesting to say? So Not Interested Dear […]

Learn a New Language?

Dear Short Answers: How do you navigate a year-long political season when it’s clear that you and your husband are on completely different sides of the fence?  A vow of silence? Stalemated Dear Stale: Try board games — or more sex. Like Unlike

Catch Up on Netflix

Dear Short Answers: Now that another presidential election is underway, my husband has become obsessed with watching CNN, Fox News, MSNBC just about nonstop every day.  How do I convince him to calm down and watch “Scandal” instead?? News Weary Dear News: Sorry, we can’t help. We are obsessed too! The news is better than […]

Ego Needs

Dear Short Answers: My boss takes credit for everything I do at work. How do I make him stop and at least get credit for the things I do? So Unfair Dear Unfair: On the most basic level, your job is to make your BOSS look good.  On the other hand, you could try telling […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Dear Short Answers: A prominent local politician in my town is getting divorced from his wife. I only know this because he told me (confidentially) that he is putting his house on the market (I am a real estate agent). Elections are coming up soon and I feel that I have an obligation to tell […]

Or, Send Him to His Room

Dear Short Answers: My partner has never learned that “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Consequently, he yells at waiters, argues with front desk clerks, and complains (loudly) to the vet that she is charging too much. A) It’s embarrassing and B) I think it hurts us both in the end. Most […]

A House Divided

Dear Short Answers: Do you think two people should get married if they have wildly different political, religious and social views? Still Standing Dear SS: Well, it depends on who’s winning. 😉   But truly, it depends on if you like fighting all the time.  Politics and Religion and Social Issues are kinda the meat of […]

Truth Will Out

Dear Short Answers: There is an employee at work who has been taking many, many “sick” days recently. I just found out that she hasn’t really been sick. Friends have actually seen her out and having a good time when she claims to have been sick in bed. Normally, I would say this is none […]

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