Freedom to Be Admired or at Least Acknowledged

Dear Short Answers: Lately, I feel very competitive in exercise class. I used to be “perfect” — now nobody notices and it makes me feel bad. Is this normal? What should I do? Former Star Dear Former: Sure it’s normal. Try a different class. Like Unlike

Demanding Full Attention?

Dear Short Answers: Ever since my boyfriend got a job, he doesn’t seem to love me anymore. What should I do? Peggy Dear Peggy: The one thing you shouldn’t do is act jealous of his job. Working is good. Having other interests is good. Maybe you should try it. Like Unlike

Don’t Ask, Never Tell

Dear Short Answers: I know that I shouldn’t have told him, but I admitted to my boy friend that I had sex with quite a few guys before I met him. Now, he can’t stop talking about it.  When we have sex, he asks me how he “rates.”  When we don’t have sex, he asks [...]

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Dear Short Answers: Two good friends of mine have recently separated after being married for many, many years. The wife has confided in me that she found out her husband was cheating on her. The husband denies it but can’t convince her that he has been faithful. I happen to know that the husband is [...]

Shifting Alliances

Dear Short Answers: I am 13 years old. My best girlfriend is starting to make new friends and it makes me scared and jealous. It’s all I can think about. At school I am always watching who she is talking to and I check FB 90 times a night to see if she is messaging [...]

Make a Deal

Dear Short Answers: I just found out that a friend of mine who CLAIMS to be 51 is actually 61!! She looks amazing. I am dying to tell the other girls. Would I be the worst friend in the world if I did that? This is too good to keep to myself! 55 Dear 55: [...]

High or Mighty?

Dear Short Answers: I huff and puff and breathe very hard when I mountain bike with my wife at 9,000 feet and she is in the lead. Is it just the altitude or is it my wife? Signed, Anonymous and out of breath Dear Anon: Sounds like you think it’s a bit of both.  Are [...]

Do It Well or Don’t Do It

Dear Short Answers: My sister is going on vacation and I am stuck with our elderly mom. I don’t want to be pissed off but I am so angry I can hardly be civil. Peggy Dear Peggy: Un-civil is unacceptable.  Find another option. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

Dear Short Answers: My wife was very ambitious on my behalf.  It’s a little more complicated than just blind ambition but I did something terrible to please her. Then she did something terrible, and now I feel like something terrible is about ready to happen to me.  Also, I think I am hallucinating — ghosts, [...]

Mirror, Mirror

Dear Short Answers: My friend is in her sixties and dresses like she is 25. I think she looks ridiculous. How do I tell her without damaging our friendship. Concerned about Appropriate Dear Concerned: Leave her alone! She’s not applying for a job or  learning “fashion basics.” Are you sure you’re not jealous? Like Unlike

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