No Issue

Dear Short Answers: I lent an expensive necklace to a friend to wear to a party right after Thanksgiving. I didn’t make a big deal about its value because I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. However, she has not yet returned it. Do you think she might have misunderstood and thought it was [...]

Less Is More

Dear Short Answers: Do you think tank tops on men and tube tops on women should be banned in public restaurants? I lose my appetite when I look at male armpit hair and women’s stomachs hanging out. Offended Dear O: Ditto female armpit hair and men’s stomach’s but we are opposed to laws that regulate [...]

Don’t Assume

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has started to dress really, really gay (I don’t know any other way to say it). He spends more money on clothes than I do. He has his eyebrows plucked and his toenails done. He shaves his chest and wears skin tight clothes. It’s okay with me if he’s gay [...]

Be a Sport

Dear Short Answers: I was recently invited to a wedding and the guests were asked to dress in “Edwardian theme.” I am perplexed as to why the bride would want the guests to be dressed in fancy clothes. But I’m also annoyed that I have to buy a new outfit for one wedding that I [...]

Tiara Not Essential

Dear Short Answers: I am going to a black tie event — it is midweek, but in NYC with many celebs. My standard black dresses suddenly seem not quite festive enough. What’s enough? Cinderella Dear Cindy: You can’t compete with the celebs.  You are not required to leave your comfort zone for events of this [...]