It’s a Matter of Taste

Dear Short Answers: How do you tell a friend that she needs a head to toe make-over? Its all wrong! Would Love to Help Dear Help: Fools jump in. Friends wait to be asked. Like Unlike

Fashion Police on the Prowl

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it’s okay for heavy-set women to wear really low cut dresses?  I think that E-cup breasts should not be seen in public. MJK Dear MJK: Do the E-cups belong to you?  We don’t think you should be making wardrobe choices for anyone except yourself. 1 person likes this post. […]

The Formerly Sartorial

Dear Short Answers: My husband decided that since he retired last year, he doesn’t need to shave, shower or wear clean clothes every day.  He’s not lazy.  He plays golf, works in the yard, visits the grandkids, etc. etc.  He just doesn’t like what he calls “maintenance functions.”  Should I make a big deal about […]

No Issue

Dear Short Answers: I lent an expensive necklace to a friend to wear to a party right after Thanksgiving. I didn’t make a big deal about its value because I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. However, she has not yet returned it. Do you think she might have misunderstood and thought it was […]

Less Is More

Dear Short Answers: Do you think tank tops on men and tube tops on women should be banned in public restaurants? I lose my appetite when I look at male armpit hair and women’s stomachs hanging out. Offended Dear O: Ditto female armpit hair and men’s stomach’s but we are opposed to laws that regulate […]

Don’t Assume

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend has started to dress really, really gay (I don’t know any other way to say it). He spends more money on clothes than I do. He has his eyebrows plucked and his toenails done. He shaves his chest and wears skin tight clothes. It’s okay with me if he’s gay […]

Be a Sport

Dear Short Answers: I was recently invited to a wedding and the guests were asked to dress in “Edwardian theme.” I am perplexed as to why the bride would want the guests to be dressed in fancy clothes. But I’m also annoyed that I have to buy a new outfit for one wedding that I […]

Tiara Not Essential

Dear Short Answers: I am going to a black tie event — it is midweek, but in NYC with many celebs. My standard black dresses suddenly seem not quite festive enough. What’s enough? Cinderella Dear Cindy: You can’t compete with the celebs.  You are not required to leave your comfort zone for events of this […]