Don’t Worry about It

Dear Short Answers: I don’t think I’m gay but I think that Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man I have ever seen. Do you think that makes me gay? Just Sayin’ Dear Just: Who’s Bradley Cooper? ( sic ) Like Unlike

We Don’t Mind

Dear Short Answers: I’ve become obsessed with internet pornography.  Do you think this is a just a passing phase or something I should be concerned about? Sticky Fingers Dear Sticky: Look, this is question only you can answer. It depends on what you mean by “obsessed” and whether it is absorbing emotional space that should [...]

A Little Give and Take

Dear Short Answers: I don’t want to get too gross here, but my boyfriend only likes certain kinds of sex (the kinkier kinds) and refuses to indulge me when I ask about the more normal stuff — he says it’s boring and it doesn’t get him turned on.  I’m worried, first of all, that we [...]

Use It or Lose It

Dear Short Answers: A very good friend of mine is in her fifties and has had a string of health problems — from diabetes to arthritis.  Years ago, she used to try to be active but little by little she has gotten lazier and lazier. Some days, the furthest she walks is from the bed [...]

The Road Less Traveled

Dear Short Answers: Why are colleges so competitive? Under-dog Dear Dog: Some are, some aren’t. The most competitive colleges may not be right for you. Define your own game. 2 people like this post. Unlike

Good gets better, Bad gets worse… or is it the reverse?

Dear Short Answers: How important is sex in a relationship? I really love this girl but the sex isn’t really all that good. Does it ever get better with time? Worried Dear Worried: The thrall of love that some folks experience doesn’t usually last forever, but a problem in the beginning is probably better addressed [...]

Just like Sandra Bullock…

Dear Short Answers: If a person makes those disgusting snorting noises when they laugh, is it acceptable to tell her how horrible it sounds? It makes me gag every time I hear it. Just Hate It Dear Hate It: We think this is like snoring — too much air or not enough.  Anyway, you could [...]

FB Etiquette

Dear Short Answers: When a person announces a death in the family on Facebook, is it appropriate to “like” their post?  It seems weirdly morbid to me to “like” something like that.  It seems as if you’re saying you’re happy that the person died. What to Do? Dear what: Strange 21st century manners. If you [...]

The Way of the World Circa 2014

Dear Short Answers: I spent most of my life in the pre-cell phone era when it was possible to be inaccessible.  This was an option I appreciated and often enjoyed.  Today, I have a cell phone, but I sometimes turn it off when I don’t want to be … disturbed.  Some of my family members [...]

What Grown Ups Do

Dear Short Answers: I am gay and have recently started dating a very nice man. I only found out through other people, not him, that he had been married to a woman. I’m not surprised, because he isn’t as interested (or as good at) sex as all my previous boyfriends.  I’m thinking that maybe he [...]

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