Dangerous Liaisons

Dear Short Answers: I made the mistake of having sex with someone who works for me.  It was only once and we’ve never discussed it again.  But now, I am being forced to cut back on the size of my department and the person in question should be one of the people let go.  But [...]

Try a Little Tenderness

Dear Short Answers: One of my closest friends lost her husband last year. Ever since, she has turned into the rudest, meanest, most thoughtless person I know. For the first six months, we all ignored it and tried to sympathize with her loss. But I think enough is enough. Losing a spouse is a horrible [...]

The Timeline of Love Has Roundabouts

Dear Shortie: I just got a call today from a woman I don’t know very well to tell me that she and my ex of 6 years were getting intimate — and was it all right with me? I was impressed with her candor and heard her concern — she clearly wanted confirmation firsthand that [...]

One Day at a Time

Dear Short Answers: My brother recently confided in me that he has a very serious and potentially fatal illness. Of course, I am devastated and I want to do whatever I can to help. He also doesn’t want anyone else in our family to know, especially our parents. They are both in their late 80s [...]

Dickensian Christmas

Dear Short Answers: I run a small business with 6 employees. Business was not great this year and I’m pretty sure that I will need to lay-off one employee. I think they all know this because it’s pretty obvious that we don’t have enough customers to keep everyone busy. Is it better to lay off [...]

Keep It Simple

Dear Short Answers: I accidentally sent a dinner party invitation to a husband and wife who I haven’t seen in several months. It was only after I had sent the invitation that I found out that the husband had died about 2 months ago. The wife has not responded to my invitation and I’m wondering [...]

Kid Stuff

Dear Short Answers: Two good friends of mine recently broke up after a 2-year relationship. Both of them seem angry at each other and are trying to get their friends to take sides. Each has basically said that if I see the other person, they won’t talk to me anymore. I like them both and [...]

It’s All about the Questions

Dear Short Answers: A very close friend of mine (with a lot of money) married a much younger woman about 2 years ago. Fortunately, he has a pre-nuptial agreement in place but that becomes void after three years of marriage. I know for a fact that his wife is sneaking around behind his back and [...]

A Blessing

Dear Short Answers: Since my mother died several years ago, I’ve found out all sorts of amazing things about her that I never knew. She had a child before she was married who she gave up for adoption. She had an alcoholic father who she never talked about. She dropped out of high school to [...]

The Ring Thing

Dear Short Answers: The engagement is over. Am I obligated to return the ring? DK Dear DK: We think if it is a family ring, then it definitely must be returned. If it was a ring purchased for you, then perhaps you could keep it.  But why would you want to? 1 person likes this [...]

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