Dear Short Answers: Since I do all the cooking at home, my husband does the dishes. The problem is that he does a HORRIBLE job at it.  He refuses to run the dishwasher until it’s packed so full that half the dishes don’t get clean.  But he still puts them away even if they are […]

“Reasonable” Is Not the Issue

Dear Short Answers: How long should it take a reasonable person to get ready for bed? My girlfriend takes OVER AN HOUR!  We can’t afford an apartment with two bathrooms so what do I do? The BF Dear BF: You use the bathroom first, then get off her case. Like Unlike

Decor or Decorum?

Dear Short Answers: What do you do in the living room? New Wife Dear Wife: Anything you wish that is not flushable or combustible. Like Unlike

Accept Defeat

Dear Short Answers: My husband has the worst table manners I have ever seen. Most of the things he does I try to ignore (like tucking his napkin into his collar or slurping his soup).  But there is one thing that drives me crazy.  He pushes his food around on his plate with his fingers!!! […]

Love Him or Leave Him

Dear Short Answers: My husband (72) seems to be chronically depressed or have a mood disorder.  In the last 12 years, 4 different doctors have prescribed antidepressants which he refuses to take.  He sleeps most of the day, bathes about every 2 weeks, has no friends and his adult children from out-of-state have never visited […]

Seasonal Woe

Dear Short Answers: Recently I was at a party where the host greeted everybody with a hug and a kiss.  I thought this was sweet until I later overheard her say how sick she was and that she probably had the flu!!!  I didn’t say anything to her at the time, but now I’m thinking […]

Simple Addition

Dear Short Answers: Why are gay men so much more attractive than straight men? DJM Dear DJM: Grooming+Fitness+Fashion = Attractive 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Been There…

Dear Short Answers: If you sit next to a person on an airplane who has terribly bad breath (and refuses to stop talking to you), is it rude to tell them? Or are you being kind by helping them avoid an even more unpleasant encounter with somebody else? It Was Really Bad Dear Bad: Your […]

Too Much of a Good Thing

Dear Short Answers: Is there a rule of thumb about how much fragrance is too much? Most of my friends, both male and female, asphyxiate me with their eau of whatever! They smell like they have soaked in it. HELP Dear Help: We agree. A little goes a long way. We recommend a tab behind […]


Dear Short Answers: If you sit next to a total stranger on a bus or train and they smell really, really bad, is it appropriate to let them know? Isn’t it something they should be aware of? My husband says I am crazy. What do you think? Sensitive Dear S: No it is not your […]

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