We Smell Trouble

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I have been planning a hiking vacation for over a year.  She isn’t a big fan of hiking but we made a compromise — we would first take a vacation that SHE chose (we went to Bermuda) and then it would be MY turn to select a vacation destination. [...]

We LOVE Both!

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have always loved to take adventurous vacations.  But now that we’re in our 60s, he’s not quite as adventurous as he used to be.  I still like to hike and cycle and kayak.  He would rather sit and watch the people go by.  Would it be wrong to [...]

Rainy Day Activity

Dear Short Answers: My husband is grumpy because we are on an expensive beach holiday and its raining. What should I do? Grumpy Too Dear G2: Try  a little “tenderness” to warm up the day. Like Unlike

Let’s Make A Deal

Dear Short Answers: Do you think it’s acceptable for married couples to take separate vacations?  My husband is completely against this.  He says that vacations are the only times we get to be really “together” without the distractions of work and chores (our children are grown).  I think that vacations are a great time to [...]

Closed This Season

Dear Short Answers: Since I have a home in Florida, this is the time of year when everyone wants to come visit. I try to keep guests to a minimum (and only the ones my husband and I like) so I have started to lie to people and make up excuses. I tell them that [...]

Make It Stop!

Dear Short Answers: Since airlines have stopped serving meals more people seem to be boarding with steaming, smelly cartons of airport junk food. I actually saw a woman spill hot coffee on a seated passenger as she struggled with her carry on and what appeared to be a 5-course meal. HELP Weary Road Warrior Dear [...]

Twice Is Nice

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I completely disagree about what type of vacation we should take (even though we’ve been married for over 10 years). He likes active, sports-oriented trips and I prefer beach and quiet (and a spa treatment now and then). I say we should take separate vacations. He says that will [...]

Suddenly SAD?

Dear Short Answers: I just got back to work after a 3-day holiday weekend and I’m more depressed than ever. Winter is coming. Days are shorter. How do I make it through until Spring? Sad Dear Sad: Alas, time and chance and change of seasons happen to us all.  Make sure you are outdoors in [...]

How to Reboot

Dear Short Answers: I work from home, and lately I am having trouble motivating myself to sit at my desk and get going. I get lost surfing the web, watching the Today Show, and doing laundry. Any advice on how to get back my focus? Unglued Dear Un: Try changing your routine and having a [...]

The Grasshopper and the Ant

Dear Short Answers: I’m 46 years old and have lived in probably 20 different cities around the world since I graduated from college. I just love new adventures and I’ve never had a problem getting a job as a bartender or waitress. When I get bored, I move on. I plan to do this for [...]

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