One Day at a Time

Dear Short Answers: My brother recently confided in me that he has a very serious and potentially fatal illness. Of course, I am devastated and I want to do whatever I can to help. He also doesn’t want anyone else in our family to know, especially our parents. They are both in their late 80s [...]

Adolescence Redux

Dear Short Answers: My father has recently started to make very politically incorrect comments in public. I think he believes that he’s being funny rather than offensive but not everybody sees it this way. He’s been a liberal his whole life so I don’t think he’s being racist or sexist — just insensitive. I’ve asked [...]


Dear Short Answers: My parents are getting older and need more and more attention. They refuse to move into an assisted living facility and seem to expect their children (there are 3 of us) to help out with things around the house, running errands and taking them to the doctor. Where does my responsibility as [...]

Old Story

Dear Short Answers: My parents are in their 90s and getting to the point where they truly need to be watched very carefully. Nothing bad has happened but … it might at any time. Every year, they spend 2 weeks at a beach house that has been in the family for generations. This year, I [...]

Move It OUT

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I and our baby live with my parents so we can save money to buy a house. We both work and my mom takes care of our son. This has been great for almost 2 years but now my parents say they think we should pay them for child [...]

Contract Baby?

Dear Short Answers: My parents have always wanted grandchildren and have been pressuring me and my husband to have kids ever since we got married (which was 8 years ago). Frankly, I’d be happy to have kids but I don’t think we can afford it. Would it be wrong to tell my parents that we’ll [...]

Organ Recital

Dear Short Answers: My mom is quite old and has become quite a hypochondriac. She recites her so called “symptoms” every day. I want to say “duh, you’re old!” Can you think of a more compassionate response? I’m No Saint Dear No Saint: Maybe she is just trying to tell you what it’s like to [...]

Math Joke?

Dear Short Answers: What’s the difference between the quadratic parent function and the linear parent function? Dan Dear Dan: A quadratic parent function is defined by the intense and often contradictory energy given off by two parents and two step-parents. A linear parent function is one opinionated mama sounding off. Like Unlike

Do It Well or Don’t Do It

Dear Short Answers: My sister is going on vacation and I am stuck with our elderly mom. I don’t want to be pissed off but I am so angry I can hardly be civil. Peggy Dear Peggy: Un-civil is unacceptable.  Find another option. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Dear Short Answers: I hate the way my girlfriend wears her hair. It always looks dirty and messy. My mother complains to me about it all the time. What should I do? Just the Boyfriend Dear Boy: Your mother’s view is of no concern to us and should not be to you. And your view [...]

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