A Million Naked Stories

Dear Short Answers: Do you think having an affair is a deal breaker in a long marriage? Asking for a Friend Dear Friend: We don’t think it needs to be, but it actually isn’t our opinion that matters on this one. Tell your friend there is a lot of work to be done to restore […]

When It Isn’t Your Marriage

Dear Short Answers: My friends have been married for 25 years. He says he wants out. They both talk to me. I can’t figure out if they need a lawyer or a marriage counselor? What Should I Do? Dear What: Do nothing. Like Unlike

Truth or Consequences

Dear Short Answers: I desperately want to live in a foreign country for at least a year. I don’t really know why, I just do. My wife thinks that I’m crazy and refuses to discuss this. We both have good jobs and neither one of them has an overseas presence that would allow us to […]

Our Reptilian Brain

Dear Short Answers: Do you think that open relationships can really work and that a couple can have sex with others but still be committed to each other? Ted & Alice Dear T&A: Logically perhaps it could, but we have never ever seen that scenario cause anything but pain. Like Unlike

Steer Clear

Dear Short Answers: I got divorced over 20 years ago from a woman with whom I had a pretty rocky 10-year marriage. We still bump into each other (accidentally) from time to time and we’re cordial to each other. Last week, I received a packet of photos in the mail from her that had been […]

Definitely Worth a Try

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I have had a miserable marriage since the beginning. In all honesty, the only reason we’ve stayed together at all is because of the sex (which is great). We were seriously talking about divorce but then she just found out that she was pregnant. Would it be wrong to […]

Kid Stuff

Dear Short Answers: Two good friends of mine recently broke up after a 2-year relationship. Both of them seem angry at each other and are trying to get their friends to take sides. Each has basically said that if I see the other person, they won’t talk to me anymore. I like them both and […]

It’s All about the Questions

Dear Short Answers: A very close friend of mine (with a lot of money) married a much younger woman about 2 years ago. Fortunately, he has a pre-nuptial agreement in place but that becomes void after three years of marriage. I know for a fact that his wife is sneaking around behind his back and […]

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Dear Short Answers: A prominent local politician in my town is getting divorced from his wife. I only know this because he told me (confidentially) that he is putting his house on the market (I am a real estate agent). Elections are coming up soon and I feel that I have an obligation to tell […]

The Devil in Divorce

Dear Short Answers: I recently met a woman who I think I would like to marry.  She has 3 kids from a previous marriage and shares joint custody with her former husband.  The problem is that her ex seems like a really great guy.  He’s a wonderful dad, he’s smart, he’s fun to be around.  […]

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