Family Matters

Dear Short Answers: I have a large family that I see rather infrequently (due to distance, not compatibility).  Every couple of years one of my siblings or cousins shows up at our house either “unannounced” or with only a day or two notice.  I used to find it extremely annoying and mentioned it to them […]

Dues Paid

Dear Short Answers: Hillary Clinton is the most popular politician in America. Why is that? Wondering Why Dear WW: It’s a country western song!  She suffered many indignities (most hated first lady, cheating husband, working for her former adversary) and held  it together  with  some grace. Not to mention raising a lovely daughter in the […]

Too Many Chefs

Dear Short Answers: My wife is thinking of changing jobs.  I know the person in charge of hiring the position, an old lover with whom I still am friendly.  My wife doesn’t want me to say anything to the friend.  The friend values my judgment and I know my wife is perfect for the position.  […]

Birthday Bashed

Dear Short Answers: I forgot my partner’s “important” birthday…. (we HAVE been celebrating for weeks…) and I am being punished big time.  I was away–and when I go to NYC (business trip) it’s like I’m in a different world.  How mad does he get to be? Rolling in Ashes P.S.Sent flowers today Dear Rolling: NYC […]

Pavlov’s Dogs

Dear Short Answers: My husband really knows how to push my buttons. Criticizing my family, for example. How do I stop myself from over-reacting — or reacting at all. Pushed Dear Pushed, We are all like dogs– the more you reward the behavior, the more they do it. Ignore him and it will stop being […]