Pretty Poison

Dear Short Answers: I recently was having trouble in my lesbian relationship which ended in a nasty break-up. My girlfriend got a new group of friends then started smoking weed, drinking more frequently, hanging out all night and then lying about her whereabouts. Her best friend (who has hit on me in the past, by [...]

Ask the English

Dear Short Answers: Three years ago I felt a change in my sexuality. I’m not  full  blown Gay but I have fallen to cross dressing  — which turns me on now at this advanced age. I am enjoying it, and that is what’s puzzling  to me. How and what happened to my body’s system? Is [...]

Is He or Isn’t He?

Dear Short Answers: I am currently dating a great guy but the problem is that he has a twin brother who is gay. In theory, that’s fine. But I am afraid that my boyfriend might be gay and just not admitting it. How do I figure this out before we get too serious? Worried about [...]


Dear Short Answers: My closest friend of 20 years has been in a very unhealthy romantic relationship for almost 3 years with a woman who I believe is mentally ill. My friend has shared all of the details of this relationship.  She and her girlfriend have called our home in the middle of the night [...]

Let it Be

Dear Short Answers: My son got engaged last year to a wonderful girl — or so he says. The problem is that she lives in a different city and we’ve never met her. We’ve offered to buy her a plane ticket to come visit but he always finds an excuse not to do that. Whenever [...]

Just Say It

Dear Short Answers: Now that gay marriage is legal in NY, everyone I know thinks that my partner and I should get married.  But for us, it won’t really matter until the Federal government recognizes gay marriage and the Federal laws change. How do we tell our friends and family that we appreciate the great [...]

Just say NO!

Dear Short Answers: My husband (Tom) and I live in a very gay-friendly town and have many gay friends. Tom, who is quite handsome, is frequently hit on by gay men even though they all know he is married. I didn’t mind and was actually flattered in a strange way. But last week, my husband [...]

Never Apologize, Never Explain

Dear Short Answers: I live in a small town where it’s pretty hard not to run in your ex-lover or ex-spouse.  Everybody in this town has at least one. The problem is that my ex-girlfriend (I’m lesbian) is a mean drunk. And I can’t have a drink with a friend (or a potential NEW girlfriend) [...]

Rocks, Paper, Scissors

Dear Short Answers: My partner and I are seriously considering having a surrogate child.  But we can’t decide whose sperm to use — his or mine.  He thinks we should both donate and leave it to chance.  But I know that I will want to know who the biological father is and I think our [...]

Three Strikes, You’re … Entitled!

Dear Short Answers: I recently separated from my husband (my third) and I’m thinking that maybe men aren’t my thing. The problem is that I live in a town where everybody knows everybody else and my friends are already setting me up on blind dates (with men, of course).  How do I get the word [...]

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