Stay Away From Drunks

Dear Short Answers: A couple years ago, I had a stalker. I took him to court. I didn’t win the court case so I don’t have a restraining order but he still left me alone after that. He never would do anything to physically harm me, but he would mentally harass me. Fast forward to [...]

Are Pregnant Woman A Public Issue?

Dear Short Answers: There is a woman at work who is pregnant but still drinks at company parties (and probably a lot of other places where I don’t see her). How do I get her to stop? And doesn’t the company have a responsibility here? Isn’t serving alcohol to a pregnant woman like serving alcohol [...]

A Very Personal Question

Dear Short Answers: How much drinking is too much? Party Girl Dear PG: If you think you drink too much, you probably do.  If others think so, they are probably right. Like Unlike

Smoking Around

Dear Short Answers: What do you do if you think your boyfriend is sneaking a cigarette after SWEARING that he has quit? Megan Dear Megan: There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t know that cigarette smoking is a killer — including your BF since he no longer smokes in public. Hopefully,  the inconvenience [...]

It’s an Addiction, Michael

Dear Short Answers: I have a friend who plays with his phone constantly. He is either checking email or texting or just compulsively looking at it. Am I a relic of another less electronic age or is he incredibly rude? Michael Dear Michael: Of course it is incredibly rude.  And everyone who does it knows [...]

No Fault Dinner Party

Dear Short Answers: Last week, I went to a party and the host insisted that everybody have a few cocktails before dinner, then wine with dinner, then after dinner drinks. When anybody tried to refuse another drink, he got a little belligerent. I had a little too much alcohol and accidentally broke a vase that [...]

Seeing and Saying

Dear Short Answers: If I see someone at an office party snorting cocaine do I have an obligation to report him to HR? An Employee Dear E: No. Like Unlike

The Answer Is “No”

Dear Short Answer: Is it possible to drink a lot and still lose weight? Hoping Dear Hoping: Look at it another way — you will certainly lose more weight if you drink “a lot less” (all other things remaining equal). Like Unlike

Demon Rum

Dear Short Answers: Why is alcohol  called the deadliest of all drugs? KGP Dear KPG: Alcohol is an insidious drug because it is perfectly legal and tolerance varies considerably by person, situation and type of alcohol consumed. So correct “dosage” is impossible to prescribe universally and so we are all on our own to determine [...]

Checks and Balances

Dear Short Answers: I had a relationship with a very abusive, lying cheating man that ended about 3 years ago when I simply refused to see him anymore. He completely disappeared form my life until I got an email from him last week. He says that he is sober and has a job and wants [...]

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