See It/Say It?

Dear Short Answers: My coworker won’t stop making sexual advances on our tech guy who happens to be a minority.  Should i tell on her? Her past convictions make the situation more complicated. The Bystander Dear Bystander: We think  the tech worker’s degree of  interest in her and her history are none of your business. [...]

We Smell Trouble

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I have been planning a hiking vacation for over a year.  She isn’t a big fan of hiking but we made a compromise — we would first take a vacation that SHE chose (we went to Bermuda) and then it would be MY turn to select a vacation destination. [...]

Immutable Law of Nature

Dear Short Answers: I caught my friend cheating on his girlfriend, should I tell her? Pete Dear Pete: No, she will find out in time. Everyone does. Like Unlike

Above Our Pay Grade

Dear Short Answers: I think a friend of mine is a kleptomaniac.  Do I tell her that I know?  Do I ignore it?  But what if she gets arrested and I could have stopped her?  I’m totally confused about how to handle this. Help!!!! Silent and Suffering Dear S&S: Come out with it: “Hey, what’s [...]

Damn the Torpedoes?

Dear Short Answers: My boss has made some very flirtatious remarks to me and has come very close to asking me out on a date.  But every time I think he’s going to do it, he stops himself and says “of course I can’t ask you on a date because we have rules about that [...]

Clearing the Air

Dear Short Answers: My sister-in-law made up and gifted a small photo album to each family member. She included photos of all nephews/nieces except for my child. I can’t imagine why this oversight occurred because she had plenty of photos to work with of everyone. This feels quite odd and a bit hurtful. I heard [...]

This Is What Ebay Is For

Dear Short Answers: When my husband found out that regular light bulbs are no longer going to be sold in stores, he bought hundreds of them (and I literally mean HUNDREDS) and is planning to sell them to friends in order to make a huge profit. He hasn’t started to do this yet but I [...]

Past Sins

Dear Short Answers: I cheated on my live-in boyfriend several times about a year ago. I stopped and our relationship is now much better. He never found out (as far as I know), but obviously, I still feel guilty about it. Do I confess and hurt him? Or keep it to myself and focus on [...]

You Know What You Know

Dear Short Answers: I recently divulged a secret to a very good friend and swore him to secrecy.  I later found out the he had told another person.  Do I confront him with this?  Or do I keep quiet and learn my lesson? SPD Dear SPD: What possible good could come from a confrontation? Denial? [...]

Past Tense

Dear Short Answers: An old flame wants to come visit with new GF… should I say yes? Match girl Dear MG: Sure.  Why bother to look for trouble when it’s ringing your door bell? 1 person likes this post. Unlike

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