Damn the Torpedoes?

Dear Short Answers: My boss has made some very flirtatious remarks to me and has come very close to asking me out on a date.  But every time I think he’s going to do it, he stops himself and says “of course I can’t ask you on a date because we have rules about that [...]

Clearing the Air

Dear Short Answers: My sister-in-law made up and gifted a small photo album to each family member. She included photos of all nephews/nieces except for my child. I can’t imagine why this oversight occurred because she had plenty of photos to work with of everyone. This feels quite odd and a bit hurtful. I heard [...]

This Is What Ebay Is For

Dear Short Answers: When my husband found out that regular light bulbs are no longer going to be sold in stores, he bought hundreds of them (and I literally mean HUNDREDS) and is planning to sell them to friends in order to make a huge profit. He hasn’t started to do this yet but I [...]

Past Sins

Dear Short Answers: I cheated on my live-in boyfriend several times about a year ago. I stopped and our relationship is now much better. He never found out (as far as I know), but obviously, I still feel guilty about it. Do I confess and hurt him? Or keep it to myself and focus on [...]

You Know What You Know

Dear Short Answers: I recently divulged a secret to a very good friend and swore him to secrecy.  I later found out the he had told another person.  Do I confront him with this?  Or do I keep quiet and learn my lesson? SPD Dear SPD: What possible good could come from a confrontation? Denial? [...]

Past Tense

Dear Short Answers: An old flame wants to come visit with new GF… should I say yes? Match girl Dear MG: Sure.  Why bother to look for trouble when it’s ringing your door bell? 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Flashing Red!

Dear Short Answers: He’s 49, I’m 27. We are both married. The whole deal is hotter and more unlikely than you can possibly imagine. But I would never leave my husband — not for him; not for anyone. I think he still loves his wife and certainly his children.  What should I do? Overcome Dear [...]

You’re Right. So What?

Dear Short Answers: My brother-in-law is 53 and has been an alcoholic for 15 years. He has been arrested, in jail, and homeless. He has no job. His wife left him and his kids won’t acknowledge that he is alive. But my husband (his brother) continues to try to help by bailing him out, cleaning [...]

Who Elected You?

Dear Short Answers: There is a new person at work who I suspect is taking drugs. He goes from quiet and nearly asleep to excited and talkative in the blink of an eye — but only after a trip to the men’s room. His eyes also look very strange to me. Do you think I [...]

What a Drag It Is, Getting Old

Dear Short Answers: I am in my 60s and happy about everything in my life except one thing. I want to have some wild sex again before I die. I love my wife but the sexual spark isn’t there for either of us. We’ve talked about it and there are many other things that keep [...]

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