Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: My next door neighbor is an artist who lost her husband about 5 years ago. She has become very close with her gardener who suddenly seems to be living with her. I am afraid that he is taking advantage of her money and her loneliness. How do I stop this from happening? [...]

Decoration or Danger?

Dear Short Answers: At what age do you think it’s acceptable for a child to get a tattoo? There is a single mother in our neighborhood who has gotten tattoos (and piercings) for her two small children who I think are about age 2 and 4. I think this is totally inappropriate. I don’t really [...]

Bring on the Big Guns

Dear Short Answers: When you live in an apartment complex and are being harassed by a potentially harmful tenant — and getting no help from management — should you sue? I renewed my lease last month, which is being violated by both of them, and have no plans to move. Creeped Out Dear Creeped: Write [...]

Loco Parentis

Dear Short Answers: My next door neighbor went out of town for 5 days and left her 19-year old son at home. She doesn’t want him to have any parties, etc. and asked my husband and me to keep a look out, which I frankly don’t feel comfortable about. The first night mom’s away, the [...]

A Weighty Issue

Dear Short Answers: A new family recently moved into our neighborhood and they seem like very nice people. The problem is that both parents are very heavy and they are raising 2 children (ages 8 and 10) who are on the same path to obesity. Is there anything that I can do to help? Yes, [...]

It’s Called Gossip

Dear Short Answers: I know for an absolute fact that my neighbor (who is a popular dentist in town) is cheating on his wife. I don’t really know them very well, but I still feel that I should say something. They have two small children and I am afraid that the longer this goes on, [...]

Your Home Is Your Castle

Dear Short Answers: I have lived in an apartment complex for 3 years.  I love my home and I’m  not moving. I’ve had a problem neighbor who got a lease violation last year for repeatedly bothering me. Management told me to get an order of protection if she continues to be trouble — which she [...]


Dear Short Answers: At what point can I steal my neighbor’s dog? They pay absolutely no attention to it. It’s either inside all day whining or outside tied up. I don’t think it’s ever been bathed. I checked and it doesn’t have a license. But when I called the local shelter they told me that [...]

Hell No, We Won’t Go

Dear Short Answers: I have a neighbor who is constantly inviting me and my wife to their home for drinks or dinner or parties. We said “yes” once and had a horrible time — we were bored to tears. We’ve said “no” the last 10 times but she persists. How can I convince her once [...]

Just Don’t Call Me Late for Dinner

Dear Short Answers: This is a tiny problem but it bugs me all the same.  I am well past middle age but trying to feel as young as possible.  My neighbor has 3 small children and she insists that they call me “Mister Albright.” I say “call me Nick” but their mother insists. I know [...]

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