Study Chess, Ladies

Dear Short Answers: What are the origins of women’s oppression? Trying to Understand Dear  Trying: This is a subject of much speculation and scholarship. Our two cents: Very clever move by men in dominating most of the world’s religions. Goddess cultures (and goddesses) were eclipsed … and the rest is HIS-story. 1 person likes this [...]

Freedom of Religion

Dear Short Answers: I have become more and more uncomfortable with organized religion as the years go by.  I hate being in churches, temples, mosques — they all creep me out.  Can I reasonably refuse to attend the religious ceremonies of friends and family? The Atheist Dear Atheist: The religious ceremonies of friends and family [...]

No Dog In This Fight

Dear Short Answers: The woman who grooms our dog came to our house about 2 months ago and, unfortunately, slipped when she was getting out of her van and hit her face on the sidewalk. She broke her 2 front teeth and had to have about $2,000 worth of dental work. A friend, who also [...]

The Short Answer Is…

Dear Short Answers: My sister’s daughter has become ultra-orthodox and moved to Israel. I am an atheist and orthodox religious moments are difficult for me to understand or accept. My sister wants me to travel to Israel for my nieces wedding. I feel I’ll be anywhere from aggravated to outright angry the whole time I’m [...]

What We Know…

Dear Short Answers: How does the human heart work? Befuddled Dear B: The bass is steady, the melody is unpredictable. 3 people like this post. Unlike

Bye Bye Bunny

Dear Short Answers: Coming off of Easter, is it horrible to have a 2 year old and feel no compulsion to raise her with the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus myths? My husband and I have a blast with her and do all kinds of fun crazy things but I hate doing things just b/c everyone thinks [...]


Dear ShortAnswers: I have an opportunity to go to Israel, but don’t have enough vacation days. If I leverage my boss’s Judaism to get clearance, is that a sin? Passport Ready Dear Ready: No.  It’s not a sin.  Just manipulative. Like Unlike