A Christmas Lesson

Dear ShortAnswers: My kids don’t seem to understand that we are in a recession but I don’t have the heart to tell them.  After all, Christmas is just once a year. Dear Once-a-Year: If you don’t use the holidays to teach your children something valuable, you have missed the point. Like Unlike


Dear ShortAnswers: My husband of 25 years just told me he is going to an Ashram in January for a month.  Should I be worried? Dear Worried: Yes.  Sounds like he is leaving you and is trying to figure out how. Like Unlike

Addicted to Alimony

Dear ShortAnswer:I am recently divorced and basically gave it all away .  Guilt?  Stupidity?  Who knows.  I am now in love with a wonderful woman who is addicted to her alimony.  I think she loves me but she also loves her lifestyle.  The “ex” pays less happily (or regularly) since I came on the scene.  […]

Waiting in Florida

Dear ShortAnswers: I have been waiting (and planning) for my husband to retire for 3 years.  The absolute drop dead date was November 1.  We moved to our new home — but now he says, “they need me at work” and “we need the extra money!!”  And I am still waiting….. Dear Waiting: Surely you […]