Truth or Lies?

Dear ShortAnswers: We are gay parents of darling twin girls who were born through a surrogate.  Our girls want to know about their “mommy.”  We say “you have two dads instead!”  My sister says that we are telling our daughters a lie.  We don’t think so.  Who’s right? Dear Gay Dads: Lies beget lies.  Sit […]

My Son or My Alimony?

Dear ShortAnswers: I am a divorced single mom.  My son really doesn’t like his dad and frankly I don’t blame him.  He doesn’t want to visit but I am afraid that if he doesn’t, child support and alimony will stop. Between 2 Chairs Dear Between: Kids need two parents.  Stop supporting your son’s negativity — […]

An Affair to Remember

Dear ShortAnswers: My wife of 25 years has just confessed to an affair.  She doesn’t love him — and says it’s over.  But I can’t get over it.  I know I love her but I keep running the bad movie in my head. Suffering Dear Suffering: It’s simple.  Get over it or get out of […]

Kid Expenses

Dear ShortAnswers: My daughter just got married to a great guy.  They bought a beautiful house (a bit too expensive, I thought).  But he just got laid off (he was the major breadwinner).  Do I let them lose their house (and ruin their credit rating)?  Or do I pay the mortgage until he is on […]


Dear ShortAnswers: My kid just asked for an i-pad.  We are barely making ends meet.  But he says he needs it for school.  What do I do? Dear i-crazy: Simple.  Tell him no. Like Unlike

It’s My Alimony, Too!

Dear ShortAnswers: My girlfriend is getting alimony but she wants to get married.  We live on that money.  Why doesn’t she get it? CommonCents Dear Common: Why don’t YOU get it?  You both need to get off the dole and earn the money for a new life.  Living off her ex is NOT a solution. […]

The Sandwich Generation

Dear ShortAnswers: I am living with my daughter since I lost my job.  Now she expects me to take care of her kids!  Does she have nerve? Dear Mad Granny: Short answer:  No, you do.  Play by her rules or move out. Like Unlike

My Unemployed Son

Dear ShortAnswers: My son lost his job.  Now I pay his mortgage.  I intended a short term bridge but I think he now “expects it.”  What should I do? Soft Touch Dear Soft Touch: Set a reasonable limit.  Perhaps six months.  And stick to it. Like Unlike