Slow Down, You Move Too Fast…

Dear Short Answers: A good friend of mine just got engaged. She met the guy on j-date about 2 months ago. All her friends think he’s a total jerk and she’s just desperate because she’s 36 years old. How do we convince her to at least slow down a little before making such a big […]

Go For It

Dear Short Answers: I really like this girl and i think she likes me to but i don’t know how much and i can’t just keep waiting. What should i do? Taino Dear Taino: Make your feelings known.  Good Luck. Like Unlike

Cast Your Net Broadly

Hi Short Answers: I’m in my early 30’s and I have a great job. I get to be creative and I work with great people. Recently I feel like I am going through a “mid-life crisis.” I don’t have anything outside of my job that I am passionate about. I have a great relationship, so […]

Just Say No

Dear Short Answers: How do you tell a boy that’s STALKING you that you don’t want to go out with him? Feeling Hunted Dear Hunted: Give no mixed signals … no kindness, no flirting.  Be very clear. If that doesn’t work, you need protection. Like Unlike

The Short Answer Is…

Dear Short Answers: My sister’s daughter has become ultra-orthodox and moved to Israel. I am an atheist and orthodox religious moments are difficult for me to understand or accept. My sister wants me to travel to Israel for my nieces wedding. I feel I’ll be anywhere from aggravated to outright angry the whole time I’m […]

Racing Against Time…

Dear Short Answers: What can u do if a boy u like– likes someone else? And he only has 2 months to be with me because he is moving! How can i get him in 2 months? Help Me! Dear Help: Stop, Look, Listen.  This sounds all wrong. Forget about him. Like Unlike

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Dear Short Answers: I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years, sometimes I’m happy with him and sometimes I’m not. I feel like I can never commit myself to just him though.  I am always looking for someone else but at the same time I can’t bring myself to leave him.  Should I […]

Doggish to a Fault…

Dear Short Answers: I hate dogs. I am not afraid of them. I just hate them. I came home from work last week and my wife had bought a puppy for my two young kids. She told me it would be good for them. The kids love the dog and I don’t know what to […]

Better Together

Dear Short Answers: After being out of work for 2 years, I got a great job offer in another city. How do I convince my husband that I need to take this job which might mean we will live apart 5 days a week? Raring to Go Dear Raring: Collaborative decision making is so much […]

Home Court Advantage

Dear Short Answers: My 78 year old mother has a take on my “mistakes” that she feels she must repeat almost everytime she sees me. It shakes me up every time, nothing I say keeps her from repeating it.  It’s embarassing that it bothers me as much as it does, but there you go. I […]

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