Clear as Mud

Dear Short Answers: I got a new girl, I got her number, and I see her everyday in school, and she looks more interested everyday.  Last Thursday I was asking her what she is doing this weekend.  She said”I’m going to BBQ, at my boyfriend’s house..”   But, I’m not sure if I heard it […]

Time and Chance…

Dear Short Answers: What defines the choices we make? Socrates Dear Soc: The way we state the problem… Like Unlike

How Do I Love Thee….

Dear Short Answers: Does my boyfriend really love me if he doesn’t really show it?  not in the way i want — like flowers — but he does say ‘i love you’ first before we leave  each other Girlfriend Dear GF: The way people communicate love is highly personal.  Really understanding how your bf expresses […]

Courage of Conviction

Dear Short Answers: My ex-bf is extremely proud and stubborn and since we broke up i feel so uneasy.  i even have dreams about him and all i want to do is be ok with him, though at times i feel we have hurt each other so much it’s to the point of where do […]

Depends on Who’s Asking….

Dear Short Answers: What is a Socialist Economy? Still Wondering Dear SW: We always thought it was like a great relationship — “you take what you need and leave the rest…” Like Unlike

One Is Silver and the Other Gold

Dear Short Answers: I had a friendship with two women for 45 years, and decided 7 years ago that one of the women had been a toxic influence, and stopped talking with her. The other woman feels like she was caught in the middle of a feud. It’s reunion time and an olive branch has […]

Jailhouse Rock, Really…

Dear Short Answers: My husband is in jail and has been for about a month now. I feel so depressed.  What can I do to help him ? Loving Wife Dear LW: 1) Be Happy 2) Be self- supporting 3) Don’t be another one of his problems. Like Unlike

Oh Please….

Dear Short Answers: WHY LOVE IS SOOO COMPLICATED??? Agita Dear Aggie: Love is complicated because it means putting your heart (and therefore your life) in the hands of another. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Inquire Within

Dear Short Answers: Why is he cheating? Hurt and Angry Dear H&A: We don’t know — why don’t you ask him? Like Unlike

Stop, Look, Listen

Dear Short Answers: I live with my BF of 6 years. We had everything planned out, getting married in early 2011, new house next year, kids in 3-4. However, now he says he’s not yet ready for these things and doesn’t know when he will be. How long do I wait for him before I […]

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