Live Free…Again

Dear Short Answers: Hey, this is the girl from the question “Live Free or Die” again. I’ve been dating the guy for 4 years and I don’t want to break up with him. As for the “him not being on the same page as I am” — he is, but he just doesn’t know what [...]

The Case for Crates

Dear Short Answers: Why does my dog always want to play when it’s night time?  I’m trying to go to bed and he’s bouncing around with a toy in his mouth.  And then he starts crying if i don’t!  And it’s not like I don’t play with him and take him for walks in the [...]

The Ties that Bind

Dear Short Answers: I hate my step-dad.  My mom and him always fight anyways.  Can I ask her to get a divorce already? They’ve been married for 8 years now and it’s been nothing but fighting and him becoming more drunk and fat and stupid. I just want my mom to be happy, but I [...]

Instruction Manual

Dear Short Answers: How to ask a girl out? Beginner Dear Beginner: 1) Call or approach in person 2) Begin a conversation (how is your summer, sure is hot, etc.) 3) Then say, “I would like to spend a little time with you. Will you go out with me? “ 4) If she says “ok,” [...]

Live Free or Die

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend’s parents are very strict, and just at the point where we can have more freedom (because he’ll be in college), we can’t even do anything anyways because he’s going to a college 6 hours away.  It’s been really hard for me to be happy for him and I don’t know [...]

Three’s a Crowd

Dear Short Answers: My best friend is always trying to steal my boyfriend.  I have told them to stop flirting but they won’t. What do i do? Annoyed Dear Annoyed: Dump your bff or your bf — or both. Like Unlike

Not Brain Surgery

Dear Short Answers: Why are boys so complicated? Trying to Cipher Dear Trying: They’re not.  What makes you think they are? Like Unlike

A Stay-cation

Dear Short Answers: My ex-boyfriend is seeing someone new — and I find I am thinking about how delicious is his fine, best friend.  Would it be bad form to pursue what was once so close to home? Playful Dear Playful: Not bad form at all.  Just refrain from “oversharing…” Like Unlike

Listening Is Hard Work

Dear Short Answers: I have been unofficial with a man for 3 years.  Everything has been great and there has been talk about the future.  Recently he has told me he isn’t sure if we will end up together but still wants to be friends.  Do I stay friends hoping he will one day realize [...]

The Gift that Keeps On Giving

Dear Short Answers: i know it was fucked up but i hooked up with my BFF’s BF.  the fucked up part is that i got chlamydia.  i haven’t told matt –the BF — or my BFF. do i tell them both? i am so angry that i want to put it on FB and tell [...]

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