Dear Short Answers: What does it mean when a man has a spiderweb tattoo on his elbow? Curious Dear Curious: It may mean that he was in prison, or it could be that he belongs to Marvel. Like Unlike

It’s Gonna Be Alright

Dear Short Answers: My girlfriend just broke up with me. I asked her if there was another man. She said no. I found out the other day that she is a liar.  All I can think about is doing everything in my power to destroy her life (not physical harm). How do I get rid […]

If It Feels Good, It is Good

Dear Short Answers: What makes life meaningful? Searching Dear S: For us, it is some combination of Love, Learning and Looking Beyond Oneself.  But hey, we’re willing to listen to any good ideas. Like Unlike

If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful

Dear Short Answers: I will never have sex again, unless I cheat on my husband.  Our relationship is pretty good but completely asexual.  I am only 50. What should I do? Sorely tempted Dear Tempted: Only you can anticipate  the consequences of an infidelity on your marriage.  And only you can evaluate what the loss […]

Don’t Hide Your Like

Dear Short Answers: I like my best friend, but I’m afraid she might like someone else. Should I just keep it to myself, or let her know? Hesitating Dear Hesitating: In general, we would say “go for it” but you seem to have real trepidations.  So proceed with caution until you get a signal from […]


dear short answers: I just went on vacation with my daughter for 7 days. I thought it would be great mother-daughter bonding. I had a wonderful time and my daughter (to my face) agreed. But she told her father that it was the worst experience of her life! Should I confront her about this? Or […]

Mid-Summer Nights

Dear Short Answers: What do you do at parties? A pooper Dear Pooper: We generally, eat, drink and make merry.  Occasionally, we are also decorative and entertaining. Like Unlike

Family Affairs

Dear Short Answers: My family hates my boyfriend so i have been hiding it from them and saying that we are just friends.   But i don’t want to do that anymore because i feel that it isn’t right to them.  But i don’t want my family to be disappointed in me. What should i […]

Learning How to Learn

Dear Short Answers: I am debating about going back to school at age 44.  I can do my studies in 2 years online or in 4 years ina  classroom. I am dreading chemistry and I am frightened of computers.  What should I do? Stuck Dear Stuck: Your fear and loathing is your biggest obstacle — […]

Oh Dear…

Dear ShortAnswers: I met a really nice guy with a riotous sense of humor recently. But now he wants to send me pornographic photos of him and one of my oldest friends. How do I respond? Pants still on Dear Pants: This is  BIG clue. Don’t respond AT all unless you are interested in something […]

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