Walking Wounded

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me 2 weeks ago. He had just started college in another state.  He said it wasn’t another girl or anything, but he just didn’t know if he loved me anymore. Since I haven’t seen him, my mind is in denial. I still think of […]

It’s GOOD to Know What You Are Doing

Dear Short Answers: Is it really wrong to have sex with a married man? After all, he’s a grown-up and can make decisions on his own. If he wants to fool around, it’s not my responsibility just because I’m the one he fools around with.  My friends tell me that I’m being dishonest and a […]

Just Call Me “Luv”

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend and I have lived together for almost 4 years and we plan to get married as soon as both of us get a job. The problem is that at least once a month he calls me by his ex-wife’s name (our names are nowhere near similar). They were married for […]

You Have Come to the Right Place

Dear Short Answers: I’m throwing a drinks party and am not sure how much wine to buy for 35-40 people.  Also, should I get more white and rose than red?  Final question: can I serve the wine in plain old plastic cups or is that tacky? Clueless hostess Dear Clueless: If this is a- cocktails […]

Could It Be…Too Much Information?

Dear Short Answers: How do you deal with a nosy neighbor?  It seems as if my life is her business. Don’t want to be insulting but enough is enough! Help! I’m Looking through You Dear Through: Less sharing and window shades should do the trick. Like Unlike

Can’t Walk and Chew Gum

Dear Shorty: After three years of a relationship with a man (2 as a couple, 1 ‘open’), we have come back together to forge something better, monogamously committed yet both with our own lives and kids to attend to. We see each other less than we did in the early days but it is wonderful. […]

It’s Called Trust

Dear Short Answers: My girlfriend is pregnant and she’s trying to make me believe that I’m the father but I don’t think I am. I know she has slept with other guys. I think she just wants money and I asked around and she has asked the other guys for money too. Do I owe […]

Casseroles for the Crowd

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I have lived in the Berkshires for over 20 years and we’re about to start the fall season of GUESTS. We love showing off this area to old friends and relatives. But this year, neither of us are working and the budget is tight. In years past, we paid […]

Take the Money and Run

Dear Short Answers: I’m 62 years old and I think I look great for my age. But every time I go to the movies, they ask me if I want the senior citizen discount — which is for people over 65!!!!!!! Don’t you think it’s rude for a 16 year old ticket taker to assume […]

Baby Makes Three

Dear Short Answers: Hi.  I’ve been married for over 5 years and my husband and I have had a great relationship. But ever since I had a baby (almost a year ago), my husband is gone more and more. He works later, hangs out with friends. I’m not really sure what he does. I just […]

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