Dear Short Answers: I am 13 years old and my sister is two years older than me, and we always talk about everything. We are like best friends. The problem is, I have a boyfriend, but she doesn’t. So whenever I want to talk with her about how a date went or something that happened, […]

You Are Only as Old as You Say You Are

Dear Short Answers: About 20 years ago I got a job in a new town and started dating again (after a bad, bad break-up). Just for fun, I told everyone that I was 10 years younger than I actually am and they believed me! I stuck with the lie and nobody questioned it (I really […]

Who cares, so what?

Dear Short Answers: I married very late in my life (in my late 50s) to a much younger woman. Shortly after I turned 60, we had our first baby. I was skeptical at first but now I am thrilled. The problem is that everyone assumes it is my grandchild. What do I say when people […]

When a Friend Isn’t a Friend

Dear Short Answers: What should I do about a friend that is never there for me but I have always been there for them? When I say anything they just say they don’t have the time. Used and Abused Dear U&A: Darling, take the hint and take a hike. 3 people like this post. Unlike

Too Much Information

Dear Short Answers: A group of female friends invited me to join them at a Halloween costume party. They are going as a group of hookers and have one guy dressed like a pimp. In theory, I think it’s funny. But I don’t have the attitude (or the body) to carry off a skimpy hooker […]

Two Cats Are Worse than One

Dear Short Answers: I am thinking about moving in with my new boyfriend but there is a big problem — he has a cat. And I hate cats. I jokingly told him that cats are for lesbians anyway (we are gay). He glared at me — said nothing — and got another cat the next […]


Dear Short Answers: My neighbor has decided to grow marijuana on her roof — she’s in her 50s so should certainly know better. Personally, I don’t mind, but it’s illegal and I’m afraid that my kids will find out. Is it okay if I report her to the police? Should I tell her that I […]

Early Retirement

Dear Short Answers: I’m 60 years old and have been out of work for over 3 years. I doubt that I will ever work again. Money is tight but not too bad because I have a military pension and veterans benefits and my wife is still working. My problem is that my wife won’t stop […]

Santa Claus, NOT

Dear Short Answers: I own a business in a small town where everybody knows everybody else. This is great for most of the year. But about this time, I can barely leave my house without someone asking me to donate to this charity or sponsor that event. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing — eating, […]

Double Happiness

Dear Short Answers: Is it better to choose alcoholism, or homosexuality?  Which gets you happier? Waiting for an Answer Dear Waiting: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

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