It’s All About Me, Isn’t It?

Dear Short Answers: How do you stop a person from constantly talking about herself. No matter who is talking, she interrupts and makes the story about her. If you say “I am going to France this summer,” she’ll jump in and say “I just saw a movie that took place in France, blah, blah, blah.” [...]

Almost Perfect

Dear Short Answers: I just started dating this new guy, who I think is great. Smart, good lucking, nice, and totally into me. Only problem is that he’s too nice, you know? I want him to be more aggressive. We’ve gone on four dates so far, and I’ve planned all of them. I wish he [...]


Dear Short Answers: I just moved to a neighborhood where the houses are very close together. My wife & I don’t mind this except for one thing. Our neighbors never close their curtains. It doesn’t matter whether they are taking a shower or sitting on the toilet. We can see pretty much everything from our [...]

Satute of Limitations

Dear Short Answers: My husband (Paul) and I were separated for almost 2 years and during that time, I must admit, I said a few harsh words about him. Well, maybe more than just a few. Fortunately, we are back together and I think it’s going to work out. UNFORTUNATELY, all the bad things I [...]

Judge Not

Dear Short Answers: A well-to-do couple recently moved to town and bought a fabulous old house. The problem is they have TERRIBLE taste and are ruining the inside with their “renovations.” Plus, their new furniture is hideous. Legally, they can do anything they want to the inside of the house. But we all think it’s [...]

Rocks, Paper, Scissors

Dear Short Answers: My partner and I are seriously considering having a surrogate child.  But we can’t decide whose sperm to use — his or mine.  He thinks we should both donate and leave it to chance.  But I know that I will want to know who the biological father is and I think our [...]

Three Strikes, You’re … Entitled!

Dear Short Answers: I recently separated from my husband (my third) and I’m thinking that maybe men aren’t my thing. The problem is that I live in a town where everybody knows everybody else and my friends are already setting me up on blind dates (with men, of course).  How do I get the word [...]

Eat, Drink, Merry?

Dear Short Answers: I was recently diagnosed with diabetes so I have to be very careful about what I eat and drink (especially alcohol). Consequently, I only have liquor about once a week. Of course, my sudden abstinence surprises my friends and they think I am a recovering alcoholic. Then they see me drink at [...]

Party Pooping

Dear Short Answers: Since I live in a small town, word travels fast when somebody has a party — especially this time of year. What do you do when people you know (but were not invited) show up for the party? Make them eat in the kitchen? Politely tell them to go away? Pretend you [...]

Mouth Peace

Dear Short Answers: Despite a few very loving and low-key comments from family, a member of the family constantly chews his food with his mouth open. We don’t want him to be embarrassed in social situations outside of the family. But, something tells me you’re going to say to let this be, but still interested [...]

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