A Dog Eat Dog World

Dear Short Answers: A new family just moved in next door and they have two pit bulls. We have two boston terriers. There is a fence between our yards but the problem is whenever all four dogs are outside, the pit bulls bark ferociously and claw violently at the fence.  Then our dogs start barking, […]

We Know The Type

Dear Short Answers: A family member visits on holidays and often does a rapid-fire of questions about other people, some of which are very invasive, i.e.: Is Sue a good mother? Is Stephanie still in love with her husband? Do you think Ann Marie makes a lot of money, etc.  The first time she did […]

Brother’s Keeper

Dear Short Answers: Every Christmas my family always gets together.  No matter what happened during the year and who is pissed at who. This year, one of my brothers didn’t come.  It was the first time this ever happened. But he had a good reason. He was in jail for Breaking & Entering.  It was […]

Over Thinking

Dear Short Answers: A friend gave me a massage for my birthday. I love massages so I went the next day. But I think the massage therapist was being a little “too friendly” if you know what I mean. Nothing too bad happened. But should I tell my friend? Maybe she thought that was what […]

Peace On Earth

Dear Short Answers: My neighbor is a prostitute — I know because she told me. Consequently she has men in & out of her house at all hours of the day & night. The problem is that my dog barks whenever a car pulls in or out and my hooker neighbor complains. She asked me […]

Never Apologize, Never Explain

Dear Short Answers: I live in a small town where it’s pretty hard not to run in your ex-lover or ex-spouse.  Everybody in this town has at least one. The problem is that my ex-girlfriend (I’m lesbian) is a mean drunk. And I can’t have a drink with a friend (or a potential NEW girlfriend) […]

Hoof in Mouth

Dear Short Answers: I work in a restaurant and last week I had a big blowup with the manager. I worked there for almost 10 years and he just started. He only got the job because he’s a friend of the owner. I know how to run this place and I should be manager. He […]

No Girls Allowed!

Dear Short Answers: I retired about a year ago and  now spend a lot more time with my wife. I love her dearly but frankly I’m used to a little more privacy. She constantly asks me what I’m doing, what I’m reading, who called. It’s endless. I really don’t have any secrets — but it […]

Rain on Her Parade?

Dear Short Answers: I have a good friend who is in her 60’s. She has been talking about having a facelift for years and years. Unfortunately, with this economy, she can’t afford it, so she  goes to this wacko salon that advertises “facelifts without surgery.” Basically, what they do is glue strips to her cheeks, […]

Speak Now — or Forever Hold Your Peace

Dear Short Answers: For our honeymoon, my fiance & I totally disagree. He wants a hiking trip in the Rockies — with camping and hang gliding and rock climbing. And he told everybody to buy us camping equipment for our wedding. I never gave him the slightest hint that I would do anything like that. […]

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