Familiar Pains

Dear Short Answers: My daughter from a first marriage is disabled and my wife and I partly support her and my grandson.  Once in awhile her ex doesn’t pay support and we can never decide how much more help to give.  The judicial system isn’t quick enough to help. It causes some tension at home.  […]

Since He Asked…

Dear Short Answers: My brother is having a hard time getting over his most recent girl friend.  He is in his 40’s and has had a number of long relationships.  He wants my advice on when to start dating again.  How recovered should you be before heading back out into the dating world? My Place […]

Count Your Blessings

Dear Short Answers: Our 22-year old son who is now living 3000 miles away is happy to ask us for help when he needs and we’re not adverse to reasonable requests.  But he won’t keep us up on anything happening, not even the ritual Sunday call.  How hard should we push? News Deprived Dear N.P.: […]

Just Don’t Call Me Late for Dinner

Dear Short Answers: This is a tiny problem but it bugs me all the same.  I am well past middle age but trying to feel as young as possible.  My neighbor has 3 small children and she insists that they call me “Mister Albright.” I say “call me Nick” but their mother insists. I know […]

Are You Kidding?

Dear Short Answers: I am at the age when a lot of my friends are starting to retire.  And since I am still working, they seem to feel that I should pay for everything when we go out.  I buy drinks.  I buy dinner.  I buy theater tickets — and they don’t offer to pay […]

Go for It

Dear Short Answers: I am often told I am very kind and polite to people, often when they don’t deserve it.  Recently, a person I know on a professional level attempted to embarrass me at a town meeting in front of 60 people.  I am  upset that 1) this person showed poor taste to do […]

Tough Luck

Dear Short Answers: I met a girl at my school 3 months ago, and I became interested in her so I asked her for her Facebook.  She gave it to me, but I lost the paper!  And I never saw her again.  A while ago, I was looking for a roommate, so I put an […]

Night or Fog

Dear Short Answers: I am a night person.  My good friends know this about me but new ones assume I’m up in the AM when they are.  Sometimes they call early and wake me but I’m too embarrassed to tell them not to, and that I sleep late.  Should I just accept that I’m on […]

Still a Free Country

Dear Short Answers: A transgendered couple gets pregnant, which is no big deal…but here’s my issue.   The female (really a male)  wants to bond by breast feeding with the baby but how can something like this feasibly happen? Apparently, some doctor created a synthetic hormone cocktail for her (him) to take so she (who’s […]

Spilt Milk

Dear Short Answers: You gave me advice before, and I should have listened. You said to break up with my guy, but instead I didn’t, and as soon as he got to college he broke up with yours truly. Guess I was just hopeful things would turn out well.  Now, how do I get out […]

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