Your Home Is Your Castle

Dear Short Answers: I have lived in an apartment complex for 3 years.  I love my home and I’m  not moving. I’ve had a problem neighbor who got a lease violation last year for repeatedly bothering me. Management told me to get an order of protection if she continues to be trouble — which she […]

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Dear Short Answers: Hello.  I just turned 50 and am a complete loser.  My father was a preacher and threw me out when I was 15. He never taught me to stick with anything I started, didn’t teach me how to manage money & did not encourage me to get a higher education so I […]

Grin and Bear It

Dear Short Answers: I was at lunch with a group of friends the other day and we were talking about my recent marriage (it’s my third). Out of nowhere, one of the men asked me, “Well are you ready to break your vows yet? I’m ready when you are.” I was floored and didn’t know […]

The Way It Is

Dear Short Answers: I was seeing someone for 6 months who just walked away without a word, overnight. How do I get closure or try to make someone understand how hurtful it is to end things that way? So Hurt Dear S.O.: So sorry. It’s not important that THEY understand — it is important that […]

Minding His Business

Dear Short Answers: I am really worried about my brother who has started to show up at family affairs with gorgeous much younger girls who I think are paid escorts (my brother’s 20 year marriage recently ended very badly). I am worried because (1) these girls are in it just for the money (I’m sure) […]

Dangerous Liaisons

Dear Short Answers: I am gay but am good friends with a married (straight) couple who invites me over for dinner quite often. I have started to get the sense that the husband is coming on to me and it makes me very nervous. Or maybe they want a 3-some. That’s even worse because I […]

Is 2 Too Many?

Dear Short Answers: This is going to sound really weird but I swear it’s true. A couple of weeks ago I met a really cute girl and we hung out a little and ended up having sex which was totally cool. Since then, we’ve seen each other a couple of times and we’re not going […]

Party in Need of Improvement

Dear Short Answers: My husband and I are very good friends with another couple that likes to give cocktail parties. We always feel obligated to go (because we really do like them) but their parties are terrible. They put all their chairs in a big circle and a coffee table in the center with all […]

Don’t Get Mad; Get Even

Dear Short Answers: Thanks for providing this service. My husband and I had an argument yesterday that got heated (plenty of harsh words from both sides), so he took the Internet modem with him to work. I work from home and rely on the connection. He hasn’t restored it for more than 24 hours and […]

Beauty and the Beast

Dear Short Answers: My new girl friend is, in all honesty, a lot uglier than all the girls I’ve dated in the past.  How do I explain to my friends that I could get a prettier girlfriend if I wanted to but I happen to like this girl a lot. I know that I should […]

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