Just say NO!

Dear Short Answers: My husband (Tom) and I live in a very gay-friendly town and have many gay friends. Tom, who is quite handsome, is frequently hit on by gay men even though they all know he is married. I didn’t mind and was actually flattered in a strange way. But last week, my husband […]

After Hours

Dear Short Answers: My boyfriend just started a new job that he loves.  He spends all of his time with his new co-workers and I am feeling neglected.  I’m proud of him but feel like our relationship is suffering. How do I restore the balance? Left Out Dear L.O.: Let it ride for awhile.  In […]

Dressing the Part

Dear Short Answers: I have a good friend who is my age (late 50s).  She’s perfectly normal looking but she acts like she is a sex goddess. Low cut dresses, mini-skirts, push-up bras. Lots of perfume and make-up. How do I tell her to stop it and act her age?  She embarrasses me and herself […]

Some Folks Are Just Lucky

Dear Short Answers: What do I do  when a man responds in short answers? Sal Dear Sal: If his are as good as ours, be grateful for every small jewel. 1 person likes this post. Unlike

Smelly Nelly’s

Dear Short Answers: How do you politely tell a person they have offensive body odor! Offended Dear O: This is a challenge.  B.O., bad breath — all messages for which killing the messenger is the first response.  We say:  wait for your moment, it will occur.  In the meantime, offer mints and bring fragrant soaps […]

Witness to the Crime

Dear Short Answers: What do you do when you are at a dinner party at someone’s house and the host says the most outrageously bigoted things? Don’t bad things happen when good people keep quiet? Shocked Dear Shocked: Yes, bad things happen when good people don’t speak up.  When evil is across the table, it […]

Who Said It Would Be Fair?

Dear short Answers: A couple of months ago, a friend hired me for a project that was supposed to last only a couple of weeks. It’s now ten and there is no end in sight. The job is stressful, with very long hours and I’m not being paid what I’m used to. Even though they […]

Test the Water

Dear Short Answers: A few weeks ago, I got a call from a man I hadn’t seen in 3 years. He told me that his lovely wife had passed away and then asked if I were up for a visit. I always enjoyed his company and I  naively assumed that a “visit” meant having a […]

They Come in Pairs

Dear Short Answers: My wife and I are very good friends with another couple. We used to get together for dinner every month or so. But lately, the husband gets so drunk at dinner that he is extremely unpleasant to be around. We spoke to his wife about this and she was very defensive. Last […]

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Dear Short Answers: I was recently set up on a “blind date.” I’m 57 and a widow. He’s 60 and divorced. We had a great time and he couldn’t have been nicer. I was hoping for a second date but he hasn’t called. I’m a little concerned that he might be gay (I can’t explain […]

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