The Sadness of … Sadness

Dear Short Answers: Is it me or what? An afternoon with my beau where he doesn’t engage in conversation meant I read my book.  The content (of the book) was about being with one’s “tribe” and creatively collaborating, and sharing intellectually stimulating fodder.  I started to pine for connectivity even more and to think about […]

2 for the Price of 2!

Dear Short Answers: I have a lady who comes once a week to clean my house and I pay her an agreed upon hourly wage.  Lately, she’s been having back problems and brings her daughter or husband to do the vacuuming and some of the heavier tasks which is fine by me since I don’t […]

He’s not worth it…

Dear Short Answers: About brunch last Sunday…. It was a beautiful day and I volunteered to make a lovely omelet and spinach salad for my friend. He wolfed down cheese and crackers, chips, tomatoes — going into the fridge to help himself to anything. OK. We are friends. He was very chatty. Things seemed amiable. […]

When Enough Is Enough

Dear Short Answers: I have a single, female friend who lives alone and is very depressed. She obsesses about her problems, but she won’t see a shrink for help (“been there, done that”). I don’t have the time to stay on the phone with her for hours, but I’m afraid that if I continue to […]

There Is a Lesson in This

Dear Short Answers: Can my ex refuse to give me my furniture after he’s kicked me out? Bereft Dear B: If you had no legal agreement, he can do whatever… 1 person likes this post. Unlike

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