Dear Short Answers: My four-year-old just lost her first tooth. I thought this happened “normally” starting at age six. Should I be alarmed? Also, what is the going rate for a tooth these days? Dad Dear Dad: We don’t know. Call the dentist. Like Unlike

Bring on the Big Guns

Dear Short Answers: When you live in an apartment complex and are being harassed by a potentially harmful tenant — and getting no help from management — should you sue? I renewed my lease last month, which is being violated by both of them, and have no plans to move. Creeped Out Dear Creeped: Write […]

Seek First to Understand

Dear Short Answers: I have just started to work with a new team of people and in a new position. In my new role I am “second in command” next to the President of the company. I would love some advice as to how to strike the balance between being “new” and being effective, as […]

Harvey’s Wife

Dear Short Answers: My best friend’s husband died about 5 years ago after 35 years of marriage. My friend is doing fine and she has tremendous support from her kids and friends and church. The problem is that she never had an opinion of her own during 35 years of marriage and she still doesn’t. […]

No Dog In This Fight

Dear Short Answers: The woman who grooms our dog came to our house about 2 months ago and, unfortunately, slipped when she was getting out of her van and hit her face on the sidewalk. She broke her 2 front teeth and had to have about $2,000 worth of dental work. A friend, who also […]


Dear Short Answers: My closest friend of 20 years has been in a very unhealthy romantic relationship for almost 3 years with a woman who I believe is mentally ill. My friend has shared all of the details of this relationship.  She and her girlfriend have called our home in the middle of the night […]

A Toe in the Water

Dear Short Answers: One of my best childhood friends ended our friendship very cruelly and abruptly several years ago for reasons I still cannot understand. Among other things, he suddenly de-friended me on Facebook. Now, over two years later, I have received a Facebook friend invitation from him, as well as a message. The message […]

Mind Your Own…

Dear Short Answers: I have a coworker who works herself to death and makes the rest of us — who work quite hard and aren’t clock watchers my any means — somehow feel inadequate. She doesn’t have much of a home life, and she is incessantly praised by management for her work ethic. She works […]

Uh Oh

Dear Short Answers: I accidentally sent out an email to the entire company that was very critical of a handicapped person who works in the office. Other than my best friend at work, no one has said a thing but I know that everyone has seen it. I am humiliated and don’t know what to […]

Never Assume

Dear Short Answers: I am 26 years old, very tall and thin and very blond and everybody thinks I am gay — but I’m not. Girls at work try to set me up with other guys and even my mother has arranged blind dates with gay sons of her friends. How do I tell them […]

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